Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Talking Out The Dead: “No Sanctuary”

Kelen Conley: The fifth season is finally here and the premiere didn’t disappoint. Things pick up right where they left off, as we rejoin our group in the same boxcar we left them in at the end of “A”. Secrets are revealed, walkers are killed, and one person goes Rambo on the bad guys!

If that’s not enough warning, SPOILERS AHEAD.

Monday, October 27, 2014

Happy 9th Anniversary to The Thunderstorm Mixtape!

On this day in 2005, I released The Thunderstorm Mixtape, my third official mixtape and second release of 2005. I started recording Thunderstorm a few months after The Mind's Mixtape volume II, even though I had planned some time off from recording.

I felt like the content of volume 1 and II had been heavier, and really hard to relate to. So Thunderstorm would consist of lighter music so to speak. I think I succeeded in that goal and the growth from volume 1 to this project was pretty obvious. I went back and wrote about my thoughts on Thunderstorm as a whole two years ago, in THUNDERSTORM REVISITED.

October 27, 2005 was also my first live performance that counted. I had rapped in front of people, at parties and in high school, and even at a bar in Keyser, WV once. But never a real live hip-hop show until that day. I messed up the entire time. I didn't have any stage presence. I didn't even get a haircut pre-show. But damn if it wasn't a good time. I'll always love performing but that first time just stands out. And it was my first show in Morgantown, so that's special as well.

Without further ado, happy anniversary Thunderstorm. Maybe someday you'll get a sequel.

Friday, October 24, 2014

It Came From YouTube: Lex Luger vs. Hollywood Hogan

I was watching The Monday Night War last night and it was about Goldberg and his run in WCW. They spent a large amount of time talking about the Nitro when Goldberg beat Hogan for the World Heavyweight Championship and it reminded me of another time Hogan lost the Strap on Nitro.

In 1997, Lex Luger and Hogan faced off and even after rewatching the video, it was a good match. Luger shakes off a Big Boot and the Atomic Leg Drop, then dodges all of the nWo attacks before putting Hogan into the Torture Rack. This isn't great wrestling by any means, just great storytelling. Luger was the first person to beat Hogan for the Belt since the nWo formed and it was a big deal. It was a shame he would drop the Title back to Hogan just 5 days later.

This is the last few minutes of the match, this is all you really need.

B Hyphen - "Familiar Ringtone"

Recorded in 2011 for #28YearsLater, released with Spideyville Unlimited. Sampled Jodeci's "Can We Flo". Classic.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Hyphenated Review #1: The Monday Night War: WWE vs. WCW

So because I watch/read/listen to so much stuff but still want to give my opinions on things without typing up a 1000 word post, I've created a video version of a Hyphenated Review. I rattle off some thoughts for about 10 minutes or less, slap an image from what I'm talking about with the audio, create and upload to my YouTube channel. (Almost) instant Hyphenated Review.

I've been watching The Monday Night War series on the WWE Network and it does deliver what the title states: stories of the Money Night War. But since there's three sides to every story, we get a certain view on the War with every episode. Still a fun watch for any wrestling fan.

Song Of The Moment: Childish Gambino - Telegraph Ave ("Oakland" By Lloyd)

As I mentioned in the last post and on the first episode of Mollyfog The Music, I really like this song. I don't know why it took me so long to watch it, but it's dope. The fact the Jhene Aiko's cute self is along for the ride doesn't hurt. But look out for the twist at the end because it's never as simple as music for Donald any more.

Undiscovered Country: Kid Jimi - Telegraph Ave (Cover)

YouTube and Google know too much about me. I was uploading a video last night and as I was checking out the finished product, I see a recommended video for a cover of Childish Gambino's "Telegraph Avenue ("Oakland" by Lloyd)", a song I've loved since my first playthrough of Because The Internet. Covering the tune over a beat of his own making, here's 3 plus minutes you won't mind giving up today.