Tuesday, September 30, 2014

It Came From YouTube: Retro Wormhole: In The Kitchen - Hostess Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Pudding Pies

You may recall my video a while back where I ate a Hostess Fruit Pie to make sure that they were still worth eating. The best ones I ever had though? It would have to be the Turtles Pies. Filled with vanilla pudding and that trademark Hostess crust (except green), these things where amazing.

As is the standard whenever something nostalgic is brought to the surface of my mind, I took to the Google, and lo and behold, a tutorial on how to make Turtle Pies! I cannot wait to put this to use.

Friday, September 26, 2014

Undiscovered Country: Drew - Soulful

At the end of Snoop's GGN episode with Seth Rogen, I heard a catchy song, so I searched the comments and found the source. He was featured on an episode of...you guessed it, Snoop's Underground Heat, so I'm guessing that's how he ended up on GGN.

Drew - Soulful

It Came From YouTube: G-Unit Visits GGN

Snoop Dogg does a little bit of everything these days. Aside from music, he has one of the best Instagram accounts out, does videos for YouTube, and DJs now. That's what 20+ years in the game does for you.

G-Unit got back together recently and just dropped an EP, so they stopped by Snoop's GGN show to chop it up. Hilarity and gems soon followed.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Free Hip-Hop Show! Tonight! 123 Pleasant Street! I'll Be There! So Should You! Free!

Come to the hip-hop show! Even better, I'll let the homie Meuwl tell you, just substitute March 2nd for September 25.

Man I miss this guy.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Mark Bousquet Interviewed Me for Atomic Anxiety!

When SYU came out in March, I sent download links out to anyone I thought may be interested, and Mark Bousquet was on that list. Mark loved the album so much, that he asked if I was interested in being featured in his Atomic Interviews series on his site. After thinking on it for a long time (5 seconds), I jumped at the opportunity.

Monday, September 22, 2014

A Rusty Life: Rusty Goes to Jeopardy

So after I showed off Thug's appearance in A Rusty Life, I remembered that I had helped ARL's creator Johnathan Bigelow out with a series of strips he did about the title character, Rusty, going on Jeopardy. Deuce did all the heavy lifting; I just helped out with a few lines here and there and the idea. It's pretty hilarious though.

You can check out Deuce's work on his current comic strip, Stairwell.

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Promos By Hyphen: The WWE Network, The Present & The Future

When Stardust and Goldust became heels a few weeks ago, my opinions on hating that Cody Rhodes had become Stardust did a 180 and I was onboard immediately. I made a mental note to dedicate my next column to THE BALLAD OF CODY RHODES.

Friday, September 19, 2014

Hyphen On Spotify: 1998 Anyone?

Aaliyah didn't sleep great again last night. I slept worst. I wanted to hear The Roots' "The Next Movement". This playlist happened.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

HY Draws!: Some Nonsense on a Calendar

I started drawing a comic strip called Nonsense the first time I worked at Teletech. Teletech is a call center that takes calls from Bank of America customers and when there wasn't calls, I'd try to knock out at least two a day. I have 3 or 4 sketch pads filled with the strips and I even had some of the first ones online at some point.

My coworker is on vacation this week, so I decided her desk calendar was the perfect place for a revival. If I had the time, I wouldn't mind doing a webcomic about them. A rundown of who everyone is:
  • Panel 1: Filton - I created Filton way back in 6th grade for a comic strip I did for the school newspaper. He's the normal talking cat that everything bad happens to.
  • Panel 2: Jake - Jake also debuted with Filton and is (supposedly) his best friend. He's the ridiculous talking cat that everything awesome (usually) happens to.
  • Panel 3: Bizmarkie - Biz may be my earliest original creation. I even stuck a Malcolm X hat on him just to date him a bit. He's the coolest character in the comic strip and he has a lightsaber (or for legal reasons, litesabre).
  • Panel 4: Bravo and Chris - These two are brothers. Bravo eats everything and can only say Bravo while Chris is a nerdy gamer who corrects everyone and nobody likes. Bravo ate Chris once.
  • Panel 5: Stick - Let's cut to the chase, Stick's a crackhead. While he may be the most intelligent cast member of Nonsense, he still smokes crack, so the phrase "you can never trust a crackhead" is thrown about often.
  • Panel 6: Altoid - He's the villain of the comic strip but the worst thing he's done is tell a bad joke. I think he killed the whole cast once though.

Now technically, I forgot 2 (three) cast members. Thug (pictured to the left from his appearance in A Rusty Life), a kid who is your stereotypical drug dealer/bully from the hood, except white. Matt and I once had a whole children's book series planned out for him. There's also Leon, a tall black man with a larger afro who spends most of his time complaining. In Leon's hair, there's Afro Pick, who went on a few adventures himself.

I really need to go back and reread these things.

HYGrafx-16: Special Occasions by JGL

Today is Heather's birthday and I couldn't just send her a happy birthday text or post on her Facebook wall. I made this nifty little card that is supposed to remind you of those Valentine's cards we'd all pass out in Elementary School. Her reaction:

OMG, that is AMAZING.
Mission accomplished.