07 October 2017

Curated Content: Love’s in Need of Love Today

Last December, Slate held Wonder Week in an attempt to honor one of our greatest living artists before he passes. I did not know this until now. So I'm sharing every single Wonder Week piece they did that I found awesome. So here's a casual 11 links.

Curated Content: 11 of the Worst Marriages in Literature

I haven't read all of theses books but I have seen the movies or at least know enough to recognize these character's names as universally bad at marriage. Look, I know that's a terrible sell but these were fun to read.

Curated Content: Thomas Jones: pain, power, pride

My dad was one of the best running backs in the northern Virginia area in the late 60s, so a love of the position has always been in my blood. Even though I always imagined myself as a wide receiver, some of my favorite players have been backs. So when I ran across this piece on Thomas Jones, who was one of the best Bears' running backs since... Neal Anderson I guess, I was thrilled. Another great Jack Silverstein read.

Curated Content: Probably The Most Powerful Thing I've Seen On Television This Year

I've loved Survivor since the series started. I don't watch every single season anymore but if I had to sit down and make a list of my favorite reality game shows, I'm pretty sure Survivor is in the top three. I may still apply to be on the show... it's never too late to starve for however many days in the name of millions of dollars. I'll have to run it by Aaliyah. The real point of this is how a gay man had to hide in plain sight on the show... and how it relates to the author's own gay brother.

Curated Content: Professional wrestler Booker T’s raw life

Other his gimmick as King Booker, I've always been a big fan of Booker T. Book is easily the most successful black professional wrestler (Lashley has an argument but he didn't have the success that Booker had in WWE) and that alone was enough for me to want to read this piece from The Undefeated. Just wait until you learn his whole story.

05 October 2017

Hyphen Nation - Episode #37: Ross Geller Is Terrible At Relationships

I hate fantasy football. I lost 5 players to injury in Week 4 and I have 4 players with byes this week. I should have taken that year off. And Derek Carr and the Raiders got hit with some cheese that could doom one of our last seasons in Oakland. After I cry for a little bit, I revisit my time back at U92 for their 35th anniversary. I take some time to memorialize Tom Petty and break down the good and bad of Hugh Hefner’s 91 years. I accidentally think I caught my neighbors going at it in their living room but I don’t say that before I give my opinion on the tragedy in Las Vegas. I rant about how Ross didn’t deserve Rachel and then finally admit that I’m one of those old rap fans. I have to start watching the WNBA.

Hyphen Nation - Episode #37: Ross Geller Is Terrible At Relationships

02 October 2017

Curated Content: The Story Behind Jay-Z’s Black ‘Friends’ Remake

Here's a shocker: I love Friends. Here's another shocker: Jay-Z had an episode of Friends remade with black actors for the visuals for his 4:44 track, "Moonlight". And if you didn't know that by now and were waiting for me to break the news... I appreciate the loyalty but you need a more reliable site. Here's the behind the scenes of how it came to be.

Curated Content: Aziz Ansari on Quitting the Internet, Loneliness, and Season 3 of Master of None

I've known there was something special about Aziz Ansari from the moment I saw him on Human Giant. Then he was in the "Otis" video. Then I saw him live. And now, we have two brilliant seasons of Master Of None and an Emmy victory. Now what.

Curated Content: Redbone - Childish Gambino (Derrick Jinx Acoustic Cover)

I really love "Redbone". I get stupid excited every time it's on. I do think there was more to Awaken My Love besides "Redbone" though. Here's a cover by a gentleman named Derrick Jinx.

Thoughts Of A Last Hope II (2005)

For some reason, this was the last of these. Maybe I could do them now? Nah...
Once again it's about that time...

New Orleans is a mess after Hurricane Katrina practically wiped it off the face of the U.S. I'm glad to see that everyone is getting involved and doing their parts. Warrick Dunn even urged all NFL players not in the N.O. to donate 5 Gs. Not like they couldn't. Hopefully with a little luck they can get the recovery effort really moving.