18 July 2017

Penny Newsletter - #05: Oral Histories are Documentaries with Words

Item! A few weeks ago, I wrote a tweet about submitting my writing to a website that didn't belong to me for the first time in years. This past weekend, I found out that I'm one of the newest writers for 16 Wins a Ring. 16 Wins a Ring is a website dedicated to all things NBA and I've been assigned to not only write about my favorite sport in the world but I'm also covering the Chicago Bulls. Yeah, I don't know what they were thinking. Be prepared for a bunch of #FireGarPax and "What Jimmy Butler is Doing Now" think pieces. But seriously, I'm hoping to have my first pieces ready soon. I highly encourage anyone who loves the NBA to follow 16 Wins A Ring on Twitter and on Medium. I'm really excited to be a part of the team.

17 July 2017

Hyphen Nation - Episode #35: Bobby Shmurda Anybody Ya Heard Of (Costarring Marcus “ShowinmadLov” Robinson)

In an episode that had to happen, THE WORLD'S GREATEST PODCAST tackles what has now come to be known as 4:44, Jay-Z’s latest album. Joining me for the ride once again is Marcus “ShowinmadLov” Robinson as we break down the road Jay took to get to this album and pretty much review it track-by-track. Is it a classic on the level of Reasonable Doubt and The Blueprint? Or did Hov throw Tidal fueled bricks a la Kingdom Come? I also offer a very special apology to someone who I've trashed pretty heavily throughout the first 34 episodes of the show. After our lengthy review, we give our spoiler free thoughts on Spider-Man: Homecoming, talk about the hopes of the NBA's Eastern Conference going into next season, and then find out that a Jay-Z song exists called Hyphen Hater. So who's ready for the next Memphis Bleek album?!

14 July 2017

Curated Content: ‘A League of Their Own’ Is an All-Time Great Sports Film

I saw A League Of Their Own for the first time sometime in the 90s. The only thing I knew about it was Madonna and that actress who played Betty Rubble in The Flinstones movie was in it. Luckily, this was around the time that my love of baseball took hold; I was following the Indians (I heart the 90s Indians squads), I was watching games more regularly in the summer, and I was really understanding the game. A League Of Their Own is in my top five baseball films (I can't list them off the top, I'm not that good) and for good reason. Let Katie Baker explain the rest.

13 July 2017

Curated Content: Jimmy Butler Says Goodbye to Chicago

I know this is old news with the draft being weeks ago and the NBA summer league being in full swing, but it's still real to me dammit. Ugh. To think I'm covering my team professionally now and things start like this. Read Jimmy's farewell before he wins MVP on the Timberwolves within the next 5 seasons. It's in play.

Curated Content: Tales From the TCVerse - The Do Over

I mentioned TC's work a few months ago in an Instagram post but I wanted to share this dope short story he wrote for his new anthology series Tales From The TCVerse over on Wattpad. He takes the butterfly effect and drops it on this high school kid who missed the game winning jump shot and lost his girlfriend within a few hours. Definitely takes some Twilight Zone twists. Get to it.

12 July 2017

Curated Content: Welcome to the New JohnathanBigelow.com!

I've made mentions of Deuce's work in the past, so I was thrilled when I ran across his new improved website. I'm a very, very, very amateur artist at best, so seeing someone I know excel at doing it warms my heart. And by all means check out all of his work. I hadn't seen Panic In Seattle until today. Get to it.

Curated Content: Len Bias & Reggie Lewis: The Greatest NBA Superstar Duo That Never Happened (Deluxe Edition)

I've made mention of Dart Adams's work a few times on Hyphen Nation. I like to pretty much describe him as a hip-hop historian/Nerd Fresh individual. He wrote this piece 4 years ago about the Boston Celtics super duo of Len Bias and Reggie Lewis... the super duo that would've happened if Len lived past draft night in 1986 and Reggie hadn't died tragically 7 years later. Every time I think about Bias or Lewis, I just feel sick.

11 July 2017

Curated Content: Racism Is Everywhere, So Why Not Move South?

One of Nikki's friends (and by extension my friend) Reniqua Allen wrote this great opinion piece for the New York Times about how black milliennials are moving South to escape racism, which sounds completely wrong if you know any black history. Read it.

Curated Content: #PizzaBlog Looking at the first summer

You may have heard of Chris Slater from his work over at one of my other sites Tricycle Offense. Or you may have heard me that time on his podcast (which he needs to get back to). I've always found Chris to be a highly talented writer so I devour anything he comes out with. As you can see above, Chris spent a lot of time at Pizza Hut, just like I spent a lot of time at The Shoe Dept. in my 20s (and 30s). And he has stories. Nothing mind blowing but still well told stories of his life at the Hut. Please check this out.

Penny Newsletter - #04: The Little Mermaid is an Undeniable Failure

On Friday, I finally turned off 4:44. It hurts to not listen to it every waking moment I have free but I had to switch it up a little bit. Is it the best Jay-Z album since American Gangster? Or The Black Album? Or The Blueprint? It could be. Did it erase all the horrible things I've said about Beyonce because I thought she was painting my favorite rapper of all time as unfaithful for Lemonade's benefit? I have to say yes. What's my favorite song? Difficult to say, but I have to say "Kill Jay Z" today because of the way he handled Kanye in the best way Hov knows how. Did it inspire me to want to record new music? Of course, but that's neither here nor there. Is this Hov's Jordan in the 1998 Finals moment, again? Or even his 60 points on 50 shots moment. I don't know, but I'd be satisfied if the Jay-Z discography ended here. I'll have more thoughts when Marcus and I link up to discuss 4:44 at length on Hyphen Nation.