26 June 2017

Penny Newsletter - #02: The Power of Vibes

Now that I finally got the first newsletter out, I have to turn right around and make some more magic. There's nothing I like more than a deadline that I can procrastinate against.

Song of the Moment this week is “Happy” by Ashanti (I’ll even throw the remix in there too). After a great Father’s Day on Sunday and the fact that it’s officially summer, this is the feeling and the song that comes to mind. It doesn’t hurt that it samples another summer groove, the Gap Band’s “Outstanding”.

21 June 2017

Created Content: P Dub Shines Regardless

I had a song about my legacy on my album. The gist is what legacy do I leave behind if I can't become famous from my music.

The music world grieves as it has lost one of its most talented and underrated stars in Albert Johnson, better known as Prodigy of Mobb Deep fame. His music is being played by fans all over the world. His legacy was already cemented; now we can bask in the plethora of great music he left behind.

19 June 2017

Penny Newsletter - #01: What Did You Think Was Going To Happen?

Here we are. My second attempt at beginning this newsletter. I’ll detail exactly what happened with the first try of this newsletter in Hyphen Nation #35. But now, after a month, I think the time is right.
First feature of any I ONCE SCORED 100 POINTS WITH PENNY HARDAWAY newsletter will be my Song Of The Moment. In this edition, the honor goes to Usher with his 2004 song, “Superstar”, from his album Confessions. With everything that transpired in Oakland Monday, I think it’s a fitting selection. I still rank 8701 a wee bit higher than Confessions in my Usher rankings. Probably because still I’m jaded because Angel listened to Confessions before me and I was bitter. Hell, I’m still bitter.

16 June 2017


I used to loathe email newsletters. Anything that came into my inbox that I didn’t want even a little bit,I would loathe. I think that came from years of getting email blasts for music when I was working at U92, either from E or some PR company pushing music for the record labels. I’ve probably deleted more email than I’ve ever read in my lifetime by now.

But every now and again, I thought it would be a good idea to log into my MailChimp account and send out an email about things happening on BHYPHEN.COM. I never got any great feedback on them aside from E but I was doing this a few times a year. Now the narrative has changed; even with social media dominating the way we take in information, I see several different sites and people pushing their content through email newsletters. And if you think about it, email is one of the top five quickest ways to reach your consumer. You just have to find a hook to make them open your email and even then, you don’t want them opening your email to unsubscribe.

13 June 2017

Curated Content: It's Like a Podcast or Whatever

I met my friend Nicole years ago on a blogging site called Xanga. She met her husband and 2x baby daddy Errick Greenlee on Xanga. Nicole and I met in person when she and Errick drove all over the East Coast visiting friends a few summers back. Angel and I took them to get barbeque and then Errick and I watched Raw together. I left them to sleep on a super uncomfortable pull out couch for the night. They lied to my face and said it was comfortable. What do you do with people like that?

In the now, Errick has become one of my go-to guys while Nicole has morphed into an even better version of her previous self in all facets. Errick was kind enough to be the first guest on the podcast (Episodes #10 & #11 - Helpful​ Hyphen) and is one of the first people I look to for feedback on most anything I come up with.

12 June 2017

Curated Content: Michael Jordan - The Flu Game, Turning 50, and Sam Smith

As I soaked in the ambiance of Twitter following the Cavaliers win on Friday night, Jack Silverstein came across my timeline with a link to his piece about the 20th anniversary of Michael Jordan’s Flu Game, otherwise known as Game 5 of the 1997 NBA Finals. While the basketball of the 1990’s NBA has been trashed by many, especially with what LeBron James has accomplished in recent years, it’s still my most favorite era because my favorite player of all-time was involved in every season other than 3 (93-94, 94-95, and 98-99).

After two hard fought victories in Chicago, the Bulls had went to Utah and promptly been outworked in Games 3 and 4 by the Jazz. This Jazz team was no different than any other Jazz team of the 90s, just that Karl Malone was MVP and that John Stockton had hit a 3-pointer to get them to the Finals for the first time. But when Stockton and Malone were matched with the youth of Byron Russell, the consistency of Jeff Hornacek, and the calming presence of Jerry Sloan, this was a team on the verge of taking a 3-2 lead on the defending champion Bulls. The Bulls had not trailed a championship series since 1991. Despite home court advantage, having to win two elimination games against a team with all the momentum wasn’t going to be an easy task.

The Breakdown: Content Curation

So, I just watched this amazing interview with The-Dream and Rob Markman called Genius Level. In this almost hour long video, Dream details his career so far and the process that went into writing some of his biggest hits. While I've never been a major fan of his, there's no denying what he can do from a songwriting perspective. This interview has made want to go back and really give some of his work a honest try because I feel like I'm missing out on something.

Now, I've received the content. In my former bio, I proudly called myself a content curator. I arrived at this conclusion partially because there is a mixtape called B I R D S. It came out a few years ago with some loose attachment to Childish Gambino/Donald Glover’s Royalty camp. There's no lead artist but one thing I did notice is that the project was curated by Ibra Ake. I've never in my life heard of anyone curating music. While the project was short, it's damn good.

In This Moment: Sunday With Dev

I'm lying in bed in the tranquility of my house. Everyone is asleep other than me; I've finally started season 2 of Master Of None. Soon the house will be filled with noise. I welcome it. Maybe we'll hang that picture my mother-in-law has been wanting up for almost a year. Aaliyah may make another attempt at driving her Power Wheels truck. I want to grill hamburgers; but I may not. And at some point, I'll spend some time playing my Association on NBA 2K13. The main thing is, that in this moment, I am happy. I just wanted to write about it.

08 June 2017

Dope Reads: I Still Haven't Listened to any Run The Jewels

I have all three albums though. I plan on listening to them... this year? I'm sorry, I'm just on a really good podcast run right now. Both of Steve Austin's shows have had my attention for the past few weeks now. You should check them out. If you're into wrestling... no, even if you're not into wrestling. Here's some dope reads that have nothing to do with professional wrestling now.

That Time Wale Stole My Song

A few weeks ago, I was reminded of this post I put on my LiveJournal years ago. Like the internet treasure hunter I am, I tracked it down.
So back in January I found this beat on Soundclick. The beat sampled Phyllis Hyman…I went into it back then. Anyway, I really took my time with this song since I was going to use it for Spideyville Unlimited and I really wanted it to be top notch. I wrote the first verse in April and then I finished it in May and I’ve been recording and mixing it trying to get it perfect. I finally get to point where I figured I would record the vocals and ad-libs one more time to get more emotion and I’d be done with it.

I get on 2DopeBoyz and I see Wale released 2 new songs through his twitter, “Hot Shit” and “Gotta Be Magic”. Guess what “Gotta Be Magic” was? The same beat I found and been working on.