10 August 2017

Curated Content: Durant is More MJ Than LeBron Will Ever Be.

I don't know how I feel about Kevin Durant. He was amazing in the Finals and the definite MVP. LeBron averaged a triple double and almost stole 2 wins from the eventual champions. LeBron also has a lot more to prove going into next season with Kyrie wanting out and everybody dogging him for opting out next summer when he hasn't even done it yet. This is an interesting read but I still don't know about putting Durant closer to Michael. Durant still hasn't had to put the Warriors on his back (I can't count Game 3. Those were dagger threes but that was a team victory) and he definitely couldn't do it in OKC when it mattered. Choose one.
Let me get this out of the way before I wake up with a bloody Raptor head in my bed — the following column has nothing to do with basketball talent. This is not a LeBron versus Durant ‘Greatest Player in the World’ debate, nor does it pertain to skill, styles of play, winning percentages, number of rings, lengths of dominance, or MVP Awards.

Curated Content: Watching ‘Memento’ Again for the First Time

I think I first heard of Memento from Better In The Dark (still one of my favorite podcasts of all-time. Check out their archives at https://betterinthedark.net/) and I ended up getting it from Netflix. I was absolutely blown away and if it's not one of my favorite films, I'd at least put it on my highly recommended list. Shea Serrano shared his thoughts during Christopher Nolan Week. Make note.
Memento, Christopher Nolan’s breakout film from 2000, is fun to talk about. It’s fun because the movie is great, but also because everything turns very muddy very quickly. To wit, these are the points that need to be mentioned when you talk about it; they start out firm enough, but then everything goes to mush:

Browns In Our Blood - Episode 2

Show number 2 has arrived and this time the guys set their sights on Brock Osweiler, Hue Jackson, and more Browns related topics. And eat more delicious food from the Barside Grill. That's a definite perk.

04 August 2017

Created Content: Kobe

A few days after I watched Kobe Bryant score 60 points on 50 shots in his last NBA game, I was moved to write something about his wonderful career.

16 Wins A Ring: Chicago Bulls: Mount Rushmore Edition

Originally posted on 16 Wins A Ring.

Listing the honorable mentions took longer than picking who would actually be on Mount Rushmore. And no, I wasn’t allowed to select Jordan 4 times.

When you think of the four most important people for a Chicago Bulls Mount Rushmore, most fans obviously consider Pete Myers, Marcus Fizer, Orlando Woolridge, and coach Tim Floyd. These four names are what brought three championships to Chicago following three years of defeat at the hands of the Pistons.

Additionally, these same four men are the reason why another three championships were achieved after crushing defeats to the Knicks and the Magic in 1994 and 1995 respectfully. And, this is why Dwyane Wade and several other players will proudly wear the red, black, and white this November when the 2017–18 NBA season tips off. #SeeRed

Curated Content: Where I Make Good On A Promise

Dillon is the coolest action hero you don't know about. Written by my friend Derrick, Dillon's adventures span 10+ books and short stories. Over on his Patreon, Dillon's latest and greatest, Dillon and the Prophecy of Fire, is in full swing. Find out what's next for the adventurer you're going to fall in love over on the Dillon blog.

03 August 2017


I cussed Marcus out for this one because it's genius and I didn't think of it first. The Marvel Cinematic Universe is just like the Golden State Warriors. They continue to win despite the DC Extended Universe's best efforts. Read it and weep for my lack of creativity.

Browns In Our Blood - Episode 1

Browns In Our Blood is a new weekly show by E and Anthony about their favorite NFL team, the Cleveland Browns. They plan on getting together once a week to talk everything Browns and I'm helping with some of the behind the scenes stuff. They recorded their first episode on Tuesday at the Barside Grill & Hot Spot in Westover, WV and I think they're off to a great start! New episodes will be out every Wednesday at 4 PM on YouTube and Facebook until the end of the regular season.

Penny Newsletter - #07: The Art of the Rewatch

So you may have heard Kyrie Irving wants out of Cleveland. And you might have heard that it's because he doesn't want to play with LeBron James anymore. You might have even heard that LeBron is so mad that he could fight Kyrie if their paths crossed any time soon. I think the most important part of this... is that Derrick Rose is a Cavalier and he's going to play his best season since 2012 alongside King James and then my wife can stop calling him RGIII!

01 August 2017

Lemon & The Fro - Episode #1: Kyrie Wannabe King

Sports podcasting! Lane Lemon and I (Kelen Conley or the non-Fro) sat down to talk about the latest developments in NBA free agency including where Kyrie goes if the Cavs trade him, if the Celtics closed the gap on beating LeBron, how good could Minnesota be next season, and how long until Lavar Ball joinz Lonzo on the Lakers. Then we give you your super early preview to the 2017 NFL season as Lane predicts division winners (I try, I promise) and we both make our Super Bowl picks and winners. For our first episode, I manage to be a decent Enzo to Lane's Cass!

NBA - 1:49
NFL - 35:09
Super Bowl Predictions - 1:38:20