Tuesday, February 24, 2015

B Hyphen - "Independent Headspace" (2014)

I hated this song when I initially finished it.
I really felt the album was lacking upbeat, carefree material other than "'Fit Jammin'", and I thought the idea of adding one more song in that vein would help round out everything. This song encapsulates a positive vibe throughout and displays more than the theme of "This might be my first and last album" that SYU is filled with. I especially love the lyrics of the third verse, which I think is one of my best motivational rhymes I've ever written.
You can check out the entire back story to this song here: http://www.bhyphen.com//2014/04/independent-headspace-produced-by-95.html


Monday, February 23, 2015

B Hyphen - "Better With Bacon (The Hyphen)" (2014)

My album has a song with bacon in the title. Another one knocked off the bucket list.
The instrumental always sounded like entrance music for a wrestler, so I attacked it as such. "Better With Bacon..." is one big promo cut by the company's best talent, in this case, I happen to be said talent. Numerous wrestling references, a shoutout to Anthony and Parkersburg due to the fact that I wrote most of the song there, and a hook that gives due to the 304 Reconz, a group that Chief has been a part of since the early 2000's.
You can check out the entire back story to this song here: http://www.bhyphen.com/2014/03/better-with-bacon-hyphen-produced-by.html


Saturday, February 21, 2015

Friday, February 20, 2015

B Hyphen - "'Fit Jammin'" (2014)

It's Friday. You're tired of your boss. Your kids are getting on your nerves. You just don't feel 100%. 2 minutes and 28 seconds of your time is all I need. Then get back to me about how you're feeling.
At 2:28, it's the shortest track of SYU, which may be another reason why it's so damn good. Again, Johnny, if you recorded over this, I really didn't mean to steal your beat. Intentionally anyway.
You can check out the entire back story to this song here: http://www.bhyphen.com/2014/03/fit-jammin-produced-by-profit-money.html


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