31 August 2017

Fantasy Football Bosses - Episode 2: Rivalries Forming

In the second episode of Fantasy Football Bosses, Gary Wolfe and Anthony Sellers return to give tell everyone how they fared in their Gridiron Conglomerate draft, talking about their own rosters, as well as giving their thoughts on who had the worst drafts in the league (Hint: it was neither of them!)

They also talk about the affects of the injuries to Julian Edelman, Cameron Meredith and Spencer Ware will have and who would potentially step up in their place. Anthony goes down memory lane in the trash talk segment as he enlightens everyone on his 2-page text that he sent to Gary three years ago, in Gary's rookie season of fantasy football, and Gary responds to being called out by not one, but two people in various leagues. Are rivalries already forming in the leagues? One word...YES!!

Listen and be sure to check back next week!

Fantasy Football Bosses - Episode 2: Rivalries Forming

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