30 August 2017

Browns In Our Blood - 2017 Season/Episode 5

In this week's episode, Anthony Sellers, Kelen Conley, and Eric Jordan go over a few football topics such as is preseason games for evaluating players or games? They also discuss Deshone Kizer winning the starting QB job for the Cleveland Browns. Good Morning Football on the NFL Network had a video contest that Eric Jordan entered, but didn't win, but they show the video of that. A recap of last week's preseason game with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and also what they look forward to this Thursday against the Chicago Bears for the last preseason game. The guys started a FanDuel League that's open to anyone who wants to play at http://bit.ly/biobfanduel.They also plugged Anthony's new podcast with Gary Wolfe called Fantasy Football Bosses, check that out at https://youtu.be/L-bhJfrS9w0. See ya next week!

Browns In Our Blood - 2017 Season/Episode 5

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