05 July 2017

Curated Content: Re: The 11th Annual Pajiba 10 Voting Commences Now: Who Are Your Five Freebies?

Every year, Pajiba holds something called the Pajiba 10, where you pick 5 people from the same sex and 5 from the opposite sex to be on your "freebie" list. Heather and I have went back and forth about this list the past couple of years and we spent last weekend actually coming up with our 10. I won't share hers here but I'd love to see what everyone else comes up with. They also had us pick a favorite Chris out of Pine, Pratt, Evans, and Hemsworth. Spoiler: I'm with Cap.

Opposite Sex
Aubrey Plaza
Gal Gadot
Jessica Williams
Gillian Jacobs
Rhea Seehorn

Same Sex
Andrew Lincoln
Michael B Jordan
Chadwick Boseman
Stanley Tucci
Donald Glover

Chris: Evans

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