16 June 2017


I used to loathe email newsletters. Anything that came into my inbox that I didn’t want even a little bit,I would loathe. I think that came from years of getting email blasts for music when I was working at U92, either from E or some PR company pushing music for the record labels. I’ve probably deleted more email than I’ve ever read in my lifetime by now.

But every now and again, I thought it would be a good idea to log into my MailChimp account and send out an email about things happening on BHYPHEN.COM. I never got any great feedback on them aside from E but I was doing this a few times a year. Now the narrative has changed; even with social media dominating the way we take in information, I see several different sites and people pushing their content through email newsletters. And if you think about it, email is one of the top five quickest ways to reach your consumer. You just have to find a hook to make them open your email and even then, you don’t want them opening your email to unsubscribe.

Enter I ONCE SCORED 100 POINTS WITH PENNY HARDAWAY, my new newsletter/weekly column. Before I would just list posts I had put on the site; now I’ve taken some cues from Gary Vaynerchuk and others by trying to make my newsletter as must read as possible. Each Tuesday (I was late this week but the column morphed into something bigger than I thought), the newsletter will contain an exclusive weekly column. This column will not touch the site until the following Monday. So when you subscribe to I ONCE SCORED 100 POINTS WITH PENNY HARDAWAY, you’re essentially VIP members to my content creations. Fair enough? I’ll link to the first newsletter and the subscribe page below. Thanks y’all.

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