02 June 2017

B Hyphen - Summer Solstice (Feat. Ramon Parker & A Breezy)

I present to you the first song I've actually released since 2014. Breezy and I wrote the hook in her old apartment's kitchen way back in 2010 (I have the voice recording from my Blackberry to prove it). I believe she picked out the "Super High" instrumental. It was originally supposed to be her song and then I drug my feet in typical 2010 Hyphen fashion so it didn't get done. When I was recording volume 4 and SYU in 2012/2013, I recorded the hooks and my verse and sent it to her. With her being in LA, she didn't have time to get to it then so it sat. Of course I fell in love with it over that time. I considered releasing it with just me and one verse before she stopped me on Twitter and had me resend it to her. A short time later, it came back... with a third verse. Now, I could have done the first verse and been done but I really wanted another voice on the track. My friend Ramon approached me about doing it and wrote his verse right away. In typical Daddy Hyphen fashion, I drug my feet on recording him... until last week. I've been mixing, mastering, and making a video ever since. Without further ado... your song for summer has arrived.

The video for “Summer Solstice” couldn’t be done by conventional means, with Breezy in LA, me with work and a familly, and it being Ramon’s first time out on a track. So I did my best to capture the sights and sounds of summer, mostly through time lapse videos I found on YouTube. It’s not the blockbuster summer video to go along with an instant summer classic but it’s watchable and let’s you focus on the music. And the couple working on stacking wood was a 29 minute video; I watched that entire thing. If you are into time lapse videos of stacking wood, that one is for you.

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