14 April 2017

Dope Reads: “24K Magic” is as Fresh as Ever

I found 10 Dope Reads months ago… I’ve been trying to get my site up ever since.

I’m done. Done as I can be. I tried to bring bhyphen.com to Medium at the end of January. I found out in mid-February that there would be a $75 fee. I reformatted all my posts for Medium; finished by the end of March. Then I decided I didn’t want to pay $75 and moved everything back to Blogger, where this incarnation of bhyphen.com began in 2013. So I spent the past few weeks reformatting for Blogger. And I’m as close to done as I can be. So here are your very late, but still very dope, Dope Reads.
  • Keep fighting Mort. - The Ringer
  • This almost eclipsed the Cavs for me. Almost. - ESPN
  • I love “24K Magic” so much that I have the album and I haven’t listened to it yet. - Rolling Stone
  • Cyclops wasn’t right… but he’s still my favorite X-Man. - Xavier Files
  • The oral history of Boy Meets World! - UPROXX
  • The wild ride of the man who used to go by Loon. - Playboy
  • 2016: The year everyone else realized how great Donald Glover is. - The Ringer
  • An excellent read about Megatron, Larry Fitzgerald, Steve Smith Sr., And Andre Johnson. - The Ringer
  • The last Ronda interview before she lost her second fight. - ESPN W
  • Dead malls really make me sad - Fit Yourself Club

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