29 April 2017

Mollyfog The Music - Episode #3: Lando Sings Soulful Classics

Tom isn’t the biggest Childish Gambino fan but he loves the idea of a Lando Calrissian cover album. Kelen thinks Humpty Hump may have ruined the career of Shock G. Tom thinks Bell Biv Devoe has sage advice but are kind of rude. The guys have no sympathy for Davy Jones. Kelen only picked “Mother Knows Best” because he loves Mother Gothel/Donna Murphy (shout out to Derrick Ferguson). And they wrap things up by trying to talk a lover of Nancy Drew books off the ledge. Not so many bad females this time out but the music is noteworthy!

21 April 2017

Life In Morgantown: The Conduit 2.0

100% FUNDED!

EDIT: He met his goal and went over 25K! I just ran into him the other day and he told me they're gearing up the film!

This is a special edition of Life In Morgantown. John Hale wants to make a short film. He needs $23,456.00. He has $20, 455 at the time of this post. I met John through E a few years ago and he was cool enough to film my performance at the Gluck Theatre back in 2012.

John in a few thousand away from realizing his dream. I’m all about people reaching their dreams, especially when it’s a friend. If you can help, please do. Link and his video are below. And I even threw the Gluck video on there as well.


20 April 2017

My Daughter is 3 Today

And she’s the best thing to ever happen to me.

At 4:29 in the morning three years ago, my wife Angel brought our daughter Aaliyah into this world. And due to some unforeseen circumstances, I was the first one of us to hold her. I stood in that hospital room holding this life that weighed hardly anything, as Brandi looked on. I was wearing my favorite CM Punk shirt of course but that almost goes without saying.

I was terrified. I had been terrified the entire time Angel had been pregnant. People would say, “You’ve always been great with kids!” But this was different. I’m responsible for this one. She’s depending on us to help her grow into adulthood. I barely resemble an adult once I start talking, how was I going to take care of a baby?

I wake up now and I’m still terrified. Not of my parenting skills but now I worry about Aaliyah when she’s in daycare. Are they treating her well? Did she take a nap? Is she being nice to her classmates? Is she really old enough to be wiping all by herself at school? I see other children at work and I immediately miss my kid. But just this morning, Aaliyah and I were squaring off about her finishing her banana so I could do her hair so I could brush her teeth so she could use the potty so we could get out the door before 8 am. I had to threaten to leave her Moana soundtrack on the counter to sway the balance in my favor.

That damn Moana soundtrack. Great movie, great soundtrack. But what did my now 3 year old want to listen to in my car on the way to daycare? Moana. Since I got that car in October, we’ve listened to Sesame Street Platinum All-Time Favorites every single morning I took her to daycare. This morning she switches up on me. I was honestly sad; she yelled at me not to be upset. I got over it.

Aaliyah is the best part of my day. Even when I’m in the foulest of moods, she manages to turn it around. And yeah, children have that affect but mine is special and better than yours. But seriously, in the time she’s been in this world, I couldn’t ask for anything more. Because I think she’s so great, it makes me hesitate on whether Aaliyah needs a sibling. What if I don’t like the second kid as much? What if Aaliyah thinks I’ve replaced her and resents me until I die for it? What if I think two kids would be too much for me? And how in the hell will I show a boy how to be a man? Me? I can barely hammer.

I have been trying to get healthier for Aaliyah. I want to be here for as long as I can so I’m trying to make changes to all the terrible things I’ve done to my body the last 14 years. I can’t leave her too soon. I just won’t allow it. We plan on taking her out for dinner this evening and she’s super happy for today because this is the first time she truly understands her birthday. Then it’ll be time for one last birthday gift (her party was last weekend) and the normal nighttime routine. At some point she’ll ask, “Is me off tomorrow?” And we’ll correct her to say, “Am I off tomorrow?” To which we’ll reply no.

This morning I told her that after today and tomorrow it would be Saturday. “And then I can be home with mommy and daddy.”

Yes, honey. You’ll be home with us. Where you belong.

When she’s trying to sneak out of the house in her teenage years, remind me to read this to remember the good times I shared with my daughter.

I love you Aaliyah. Happy birthday cupcake.

16 April 2017

The Jazz and Clippers Played a Classic

Joe Johnson was 2007 Joe Johnson; the Clippers were the Clippers.

I watched the second half mostly. I had just lost two in a row in 2K14 to E when we decided to switch back and watch the last playoff game of the day.

We debated over how big a moment this playoff series is for Gordon Hayward as a possible stepping stone to the next chapter of his NBA career. We marveled at Chris Paul, saw Utah always get that crucial basket, and watched Blake Griffin disappear in the 4th quarter.

If the steady performance of the Jazz (and clutch Joe Johnson shooting) is what kept the them ahead, CP3 pulled out just about every trick he knows to try to will the Clippers to the W. He made up the majority of the Clippers offense as Jamal Crawford and JJ Reddick found themselves missing routine shots in the final stanza.

Coming out of the last Clippers timeout, I asked E if he thought the Clippers would tie the game or if they would win.

    I think the Jazz are going to win.

I mumbled something about that not being an option as the Clippers inbounded the ball. Paul wasted little time banking home a tough shot from the right block. The inbound came to Joe Johnson, who gingerly made his way up the floor. When I say gingerly, think of the guy you play pick up games with who always wants to run point. No sense of urgency. That was Joe.

Joe weaved around the court until he came to the left key, guarded by Jamal Crawford. As the seconds ticked off, Joe started throwing his iso-moves at Crawford. Joe wiggled to the hoop and fired a shot with just enough space. It bounced off the rim once… and then rolled down through the hoop.

The Jazz steal Game 1 from the Clippers and the home court advantage. They pulled out the win without Rudy Gobert but no one knows what his timetable will be for a return.
Hayward finished with 19 points, 10 rebounds, and 3 assists. Not bad for stealing Game 1 but the Clippers should be much better prepared for Game 2. Maybe they’ll remember they have Blake Griffin and DeAndre Jordan when the Jazz are missing Gobert down low. Chris Paul spent a large chunk of hte 4th yelling at his teammates, asking for someone else to help him. He’ll be looking for a little revenge after being shown up by the old veteran Joe at the buzzer.

I still really like the Jazz in this series. The Clippers should win, especially if Gobert has to miss any extended amount of time. Could we continue to see Joe Johnson play like a competitive basketball player? Can Hayward lead the Jazz out of the second round? Or will the Clippers take Game 1 as a fluke and win the the next four?

Enough speculating. Watch this game. It reminded me of the classic 90s playoff games I used to watch. And if the playoffs are this good already, this is going to be a fun postseason.

14 April 2017

Dope Reads: “24K Magic” is as Fresh as Ever

I found 10 Dope Reads months ago… I’ve been trying to get my site up ever since.

I’m done. Done as I can be. I tried to bring bhyphen.com to Medium at the end of January. I found out in mid-February that there would be a $75 fee. I reformatted all my posts for Medium; finished by the end of March. Then I decided I didn’t want to pay $75 and moved everything back to Blogger, where this incarnation of bhyphen.com began in 2013. So I spent the past few weeks reformatting for Blogger. And I’m as close to done as I can be. So here are your very late, but still very dope, Dope Reads.
  • Keep fighting Mort. - The Ringer
  • This almost eclipsed the Cavs for me. Almost. - ESPN
  • I love “24K Magic” so much that I have the album and I haven’t listened to it yet. - Rolling Stone
  • Cyclops wasn’t right… but he’s still my favorite X-Man. - Xavier Files
  • The oral history of Boy Meets World! - UPROXX
  • The wild ride of the man who used to go by Loon. - Playboy
  • 2016: The year everyone else realized how great Donald Glover is. - The Ringer
  • An excellent read about Megatron, Larry Fitzgerald, Steve Smith Sr., And Andre Johnson. - The Ringer
  • The last Ronda interview before she lost her second fight. - ESPN W
  • Dead malls really make me sad - Fit Yourself Club