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Hyphen Nation — Episode #32: Sorry, Not Sorry

God bless the 2001 NBA All-Star Game.

I have to admit for someone who would probably be weak in the knees if I met her in person, I sure have a lot of problems with the pedestal that Beyonce puts herself on and an even bigger problem with the larger pedestal that her adoring public puts her on. With that said, I talk about her loss at the Grammys, how Moonlight was robbed of its moment by a distracted gentleman tweeting photos of Emma Stone at the Oscars, how the Academy doesn’t want Denzel to be great, and why Eddie Murphy was robbed years before this. Then I discuss why I take Biggie over Pac and Sasha over Jenna. No fooling. I don’t think Future’s March Madness is all that great.

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Promos By Hyphen: Fastlane To Nowhere

If only Seth Rollins/Samoa Joe could have happened…


I’ve watched enough WWE PPVs to know better. I have.


I read enough news and rumors to know better. I have.


Does anyone else really think Goldberg/Lesnar III needed the Universal Championship? Was it really necessary to bury Kevin Owens after he stepped up when Finn got hurt for a 50 year old man who can’t wrestle longer than 5 minutes? Sure, we get KO/Jericho but now we get to watch Brock Lesnar get the Universal Belt handed back to him at WrestleMania.

I normally try to be positive about WWE but I’m a little frustrated here.

Goldberg will probably get a rematch at the next Raw PPV and he’ll lose. Then hopefully he’ll go away quietly into the 2018 Hall Of Fame. Brock will more than likely carry the Belt until SummerSlam putting a bunch of A-list Raw Superstars (Balor, KO, Joe, Braun) on hold until Roman is pegged to beat the Beast Incarnate this summer. I’m spit balling but this just feels like where we’re going.

And I’ve come …

The Hyphen Mixtape Podcast — Show #23

26 tracks.

23 is the fifth of the Numbers. It is the only prime number in the sequence.

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2016 U92 Alumni Marathon: The Openers

A Buzz-Saw and a Hyphen walk into a radio station…

Following our triumphant return to the U92 (WWVU-FM) airwaves at the end of 2015, Mike “The Buzz-Saw” Asti and I got together to do it again in 2016. More sports and music just like last time and an epic rant on Jeff Fisher before he was canned. Last time we closed, this time we opened and none could follow, as we shocked the world, one day, at a time…

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Talking Out The Dead: “Twice As Far”

Thomas Crawford: So we start off with a little round of the same old day happening again and again. Not going to lie, I thought the show was on some weird loop for a second. Then we find out Daryl felt he should have killed the friendly folks that stole his motorcycle and crossbow… maybe some foreshadowing I didn’t pick up. We see Carol struggling with being a killer after “The Same Boat”. Morgan finished his jail. At the beginning there seemed to be a lot of things pointing to a filler episode. I might have been wrong.

So out of the blue Denise wants to go on a run. She wants to go out and get some medicine. She also wants Daryl and Rosita to take her out. Does this really sound like a good idea to anyone? I mean come on. I know she has had some moments. She survived the walls coming down, saved Carl, and made herself practically indispensable as a doctor.

Why would Daryl and Rosita agree to this? I got to admit, I think they are slipping a little. Don’t get me wrong, it sounds like …

The Day the Warriors Won the 2016 NBA Championship

A time before 3–1 existed.

I think LeBron should shut it down for the rest of the season. What's the point. #OKCvGSW— Kelen Conley (@bhyphen) February 28, 2016 I wrote these words a year ago. At this moment, I just knew there was no stopping Steph Curry and the Warriors from walking to their second NBA Championship in a row. With seconds remaining in overtime, in a primetime road game on ABC, Steph Curry stepped across halfcourt. The Thunder were scrambling back on defense; a timeout they expected the Warriors to take never came. From 40 feet away, Steph Curry unleashed a three pointer, and I was so confident he had just won the game that I was already heading back to my bedroom to wake up Angel to tell the Warriors had come back to beat the Thunder. His celebration following his amazing shot was a foregone conclusion.

And at that moment, so was the NBA season. My only legitimate beef with Golden State last season was the fact that they broke my beloved Bulls’s 1996 league record 72…