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Hyphen Nation - Episode #24: End Of The Road

Hyphen Nation - Episode #24: End Of The Road

After 7 seasons of constant misery, The Walking Dead may have finally worn out its welcome. Despite the Emmy worthy performance of Jeffrey Dean Morgan, I'm quickly losing interest in one of my favorite shows. And speaking of losing interest, I'm completely off the ride that is Kanye West. Dehydration and sleep deprivation my left foot. I share a tale of the time I got in trouble for my next door neighbor in high school and deal a little with #BoycottHamilton and what's going on with Cyclops in the comic books. I also get really excited about Goldberg and make it clear that I'm all about that Indiana Jones life. Even if he did take his name from the dog.

Hyphen Nation - Episode #24: End Of The Road


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