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Hyphen Nation - Episode #21: You Look Like Carlton Banks!

On this episode of THE WORLD’S GREATEST PODCAST, I have a lot to say. I talk about CM Punk’s loss at UFC 203, finally. I share quick thoughts on Colin Kaepernick, finally. I tell the tale of the indecent proposal I got in my training class. I ask the big question: Did Mother Gothel actually love Rapunzel? I wonder if my time as a leader of #TeamDrake is coming to an end. I go into why I’m constantly tied to Carlton Banks. I relive how I ended up totaling Angel’s car. And I recommend a lot of things. Such as Atlanta. You really should be watching Atlanta. Paper Boi. Paper Boi. All about that paper boy.

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Hyphen Nation - Episode #21: You Look Like Carlton Banks!

Talking Out The Dead: "The Same Boat"

Kelen Conley: We’re gonna get into some things with this one. While the main story here is the time Carol and Maggie spent captive with the Saviors, it’s also a story of 6 people in a slaughterhouse, separated only by the paths they’ve taken since the apocalypse began. The character I want to focus on is my beloved Carol Peletier, so I’ll respond to your thoughts and give my other stray observations next.

Talking Out The Dead: "Not Tomorrow Yet"

Thomas Crawford: This episode was a just a little dark. You have Carol, suddenly acting like a real homemaker, and seeming to enjoy it. Until you see her leave a fresh made cookie on Sam's grave. Then you realize there is some bubbling guilt brewing up. You have the gang infiltrate and act out their mercenary plan. I will admit the Saviors aren't good guys. However, stabbing guys in the head as they sleep… may be crossing some moral line. Then you have Glenn, who is torn about killing. However, ends up doing it to stop Heath from having to do the deed. Oh and there was an all-out gun battle, a room full of weed, and Maggie and Carol getting caught at the end.

Dope Reads: The John Harbaugh/Mac Miller Fan Section

When I was an impressionable youth, I was still a Raiders fan. However, I did tend to root for certain teams/certain situations throughout the season (I still do).  Jim Harbaugh and the Indianapolis Colts in 1995 had my attention. They overachieved and ended up in the AFC Championship Game against the Steelers, and were one dropped hail mary away from going to Super Bowl XXX. As awesome as I though that was, Harbaugh's coaching career is far more entertaining.I expressed these same sentiments on Hyphen Nation 17 - Matt Stauffer - Medium"Our apologies to Matt Damon, we ran out of time.” - GQYou can say what you want about recent events but try to defend Tamir Rice’s death. Try. I’ll wait. - The RingerYoung House Love now has a podcast. But this article isn’t about their podcast at all - The CutLeBron did it. What’s next. - Sports IllustratedMy President is a feminist. - GlamourI am forever fascinated by Mac Miller the person. I love Mac Miller the artist too though. - ComplexI…