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Dope Reads: Basketball and Tragedies

Dope Reads: Basketball and Tragedies
Illustration from The Ringer.
I wish I could tell you all of these pieces I found for this edition are happy-go-lucky. I wish I could tell you that everything is alright. I wish I could makes those for have suffered from recent tragedies able to not feel pain. But I can't. I can share stories. There's a cool Obama piece. Elizabethany went bar golfing for her birthday. There's an oral history of the 2006 NBA Finals. And then there's two pieces about the recent shootings. If you normally, skim over these or don't read them at all, I ask that you at least read the 8th and 10th entries.
  • Mike Breen. Bang. - The Ringer
  • The oral history of one of my favorite NBA Finals series, Heat/Mavericks in 2006. - ESPN
  • Um. I want to try this Bar Golf thing. - Love, Elizabethany
  • I really want Robert Griffin III to do well. I do. - The Undefeated
  • The Golden State Warriors just became the Golden State Super Saiyan Warriors. - The Ringer
  • Heather decided I needed to cry about the idea of Barack Obama being my dad. I need to call my dad. - The Toast
  • Now I’m starting to feel bad for OKC. But never Clay Bennett. - ESPN
  • This applies to everyone. - Shannon Barber - Medium
  • Apparently I never posted the script for Because The Internet. Remedied. - Genius
  • On Alton Sterling and the state of things in Louisiana and beyond. - The Ringer


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