24 June 2016

Resilient Redundancies

Resilient Redundancies

I think Juelz Santana once said, “Yep, I’m back.” (I’m wrong. It was Fab.) And then he disappeared from relevancy, so this could be a bit of foreshadowing by me.

As the content curator that I proudly display on anything that has my name on it on the internet, I have been sharing most of the cool things I’m into or support on my Facebook profile. So you’ve seen plenty of Mark or Derrick or Perry’s books come across my news feed. You’ve seen me sharing playlists and random pictures and videos on there. I’ve been wholeheartedly supporting Handsome Bane in all his efforts with Hiya Handsome on his Snapchat and YouTube channel. I’ve been sharing every #JuneIzSoundvizion post E has been posting on his Facebook profile or on his Monstalung page. I reshare anything Tricycle Offense posts. Point being, I’ve made an extended effort in the year plus since I got rid of my last Facebook page to share all things I find remotely cool with everybody who I’m friends with in the world of Facebook land.

Those days are coming to an end.

I’m going back to the old Facebook page. I still don’t agree with the damn Facebook algorithm which makes it damn near impossible for anyone to see what I’m posting without my paying for it or asking anyone who likes to page to hit the See First button (which I take advantage of, but it’s still a lot to ask). I still find the whole liking my page process extremely tedious. But the main reason I’m doing it? I just want to clean up my profile. So what does this mean to you? You should like the new page first of all. But seriously, it just means that the content that I curate will be moving to a different part of Facebook.

So my best advice for those of you who may like the page and still miss my content or refuse to like the new page? There’s always Twitter. You can follow this site in your favorite RSS reader. Subscribe to my newsletter (that I keep meaning to do regularly)! Or just trust your favorite content curator and check back on the page regularly.

I’ll probably end up back on my profile page by fall. So without further ado, I give you:


Patent pending. Officially open June 27. Pipebomb Day. Of course it is.

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