06 June 2016

B Hyphen -"Rewind" #JuneIzSoundvizion Day 6

B Hyphen - "Rewind" #JuneIzSoundvizion Day 6

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The second I heard that reversing sound effect at the beginning of 95's instrumental, I just knew this track had to be about something from my past. What better thing from the past to talk about than all my failed attempts at getting some special attention from the opposite sex? Rewind is based in reality but not all of it is true. I promise that I really got into a argument with a girl at 3 in the morning about Nas versus Jay in her dorm room though. It's always the embarrassing memories that burn the brightest...

Catch all of #JuneIzSoundvizion at monstalung.com.

Download "Rewind" below or from Bandcamp or directly.

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