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A Review Of Used To Be: The Kid Rapscallion Story

I haven't been doing that great when it comes to reading this year. I set a goal of reading 20 books on GoodReads and my magic number thus far is 2. Meanwhile, Matthew and Heather read (and listen to) books like they take baths, so their totals are constantly rising. I've spent the first few months of 2016 podcasting and even that has slowed to a crawl. But I do have the 2015 Men of the Year issue of GQ that I've been reading but that can't be measured on a social media book site.

Trike Adventures - #07: A Little Piss-tivity (Guest: Gary "BoomerBoomerang" Wolfe)

Anthony. Thomas. Kelen. Together, these three are the Tricycle Offense. Almost four years ago, they started a podcast called the Trike Adventures. Because Kelen is the king of excuses, the microphone on the Trike Adventures had been muted… until two Saturdays ago. In this 9th episode, the gang is joined by Gary “Boomer Boomerang” Wolfe and all things ridiculous are covered. Such as: Boomer Boomerang’s tractor fire! Anthony’s nightmare following Game 2 of the NBA Finals! Boomer Boomerang’s Three Stages of… you’ll have to listen, I’m not typing it out! The polite way to ask… nope! Not gonna do it! And they finally share some embarrassing stories! I held onto this episode until the Finals were over, so I conclude with… congratulations to the first time NBA Champion Cleveland Cavaliers! The Curse is over!

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Trike Adventures - #07: A Little Piss-tivity (Guest: Gary "Boomer Boomerang" Wolfe)

B Hyphen - Live @ #JuneIzSoundvizion - 123 Pleasant St

My friend Kevin Lataille was kind enough to record my performance at June Iz Soundvizion last week. I have to say (and this takes a lot considering how hard I am on myself), this might be the best performance I've ever had. Seriously.

Resilient Redundancies

I think Juelz Santana once said, “Yep, I’m back.” (I’m wrong. It was Fab.) And then he disappeared from relevancy, so this could be a bit of foreshadowing by me.

Dope Reads: The One with The Cut's Internet Rabbit Hole

This edition of Dope Reads was collected much faster than the last one. And I feel like I've read less. That doesn't mean that these reads are any less dope than the reads that I've shared before that I called dope. Enough of the round and round, two of these reads feature photographs of President Obama (H/T Heather) and the late Muhammad Ali. I discovered the story of an awful murder of a baby that LeBron tweeted about... and how his tweet only brought him more criticism. And there's two really great pieces about Ali from Keith Olbermann and Sean E. Eli. As always, save this somewhere for later because this could take a while.
Rembert takes on Larry Whitmore’s WHCD speech. As usual, I agree with him. - NYMagThe internets are a rabbit hole and I fell into this one. NSFW. - The CutRembert also delivers his take on what may be TI’s best album KING, 10 years later. - VultureA story about an awful murder in Cleveland. That LeBron tweeted once about. - ESPNRemembering that …

Hyphen Nation - Episode #16: Wifi Don't Live Here Anymore

So your hero may be out here hunting for free wifi like a nomad but never fear, as Hyphen Nation 16 is… has arrived. Aside from avoiding obvious rhymes, there’s a lot to talk about in this episode. As I’m finally a homeowner, I explain all the details of our second move in a month as well as a harrowing tale of what my 10 year old chihuahua gave me as a housewarming gift. Then I share the sad story of my life with no wifi and the natural fear of extra data usage fees that comes with it. I talk a little about my new music video for “Rewind”, my performance on June 16, and the beginning stages of recording my next album. I also delve into a little UFC talk about Brock Lesnar and CM Punk, which comes after talk about the sad news of Kimbo Slice’s death and the impact Muhammad Ali had on myself and the world. Live from the third Kroger parking lot in Morgantown… you know what it is.

B Hyphen -"Rewind" #JuneIzSoundvizion Day 6

Originoo Post

The second I heard that reversing sound effect at the beginning of 95's instrumental, I just knew this track had to be about something from my past. What better thing from the past to talk about than all my failed attempts at getting some special attention from the opposite sex? Rewind is based in reality but not all of it is true. I promise that I really got into a argument with a girl at 3 in the morning about Nas versus Jay in her dorm room though. It's always the embarrassing memories that burn the brightest...

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Download "Rewind" below or from Bandcamp or directly.

Hyphen Nation - Episode #15: (Coffee From) The Grind Don't Stop

Not fired from the day job yet, but definitely back with a 4th episode in 2 weeks of Hyphen Nation. In this pulse pounding slobberknocker, I get into how my most recent column motivated a friend and frequent collaborator. Then I take some time out to thank Pusha T for writing “I’m Loving It” for McDonald’s before explaining how some topic ideas I have for the show just aren’t very good. I give my take on the gorilla debate and somehow segue that into a story of an incident with a fence from my childhood. After that embarrassment, I finish things off with recommendations as well as why I no longer get excited about the X-Men films. Ya boy owns a house now so you know there’s big things poppin’ and little things stoppin’. And coffee provided by The Grind here in Morgantown.

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Hyphen Nation - Episode #15: (Coffee From) The Grind Don't Stop

Hyphen Nation - Episode #14: Too Long; Didn't Listen Or I Got SomeMcPicks For McDonald's

It’s time for everyone to put on their best all white outfit and get out in the sun! Pools are open; the speedos are in full effect! Hustle to the mall and get you a short set! Yeah you got on sneaks but you need a new pair! Cause why? CAUSE BASKETBALL COURTS IN THE SUMMER GOT GIRLS THERE! Back to live action, Hyphen Nation 14 is all over the place.There’s a short discussion on the NBA Finals. I give out a great recommendation on a barber if you need one in Morgantown and a decent recommendation on a book. I discuss the house of horrors that is Maximum Carnage for SNES and Sega Genesis. I try to make some kind of point about Memorial Day but I don’t really go anywhere with it. I explain why I love the number 14. And then I border on a tirade about why I hate McDonald’s commercials. 2016 is almost over y’all, better start making New Year’s plans right away.

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Hyphen Nation - Episode #14: Too Long; Di…

June 16

I have a set on June 16 at 123 Pleasant Street and I’m absolutely terrified. The last time I tried to perform was for a Nerd Fresh set last year and I was terrible. Not terrible to the crowd but I didn’t remember any of my lyrics. I had gotten so comfortable sliding in and out of Quie sets and doing my part in those that I had melted on the stage for the first time in a long time.