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Victory Jumpoff Radio - Show #21: To Jay-Z Or Not To Jay Z?

Jigga. Young Hova. S Dot Carter. J-A-Y-Hyphen. Controlling.Can I Live?In My Lifetime (Remix)A Million And One QuestionsThere’s Been A MurderLucky MeFeelin’ ItTakeoverBlueprint 2EncorePump It Up FreestyleLa-La-La (Excuse Me Miss Again)Soon You’ll UnderstandOnly A CustomerImaginary PlayerNigga What, Nigga Who (Originator 99)SomewhereinamericaD.O.A. (Death Of Auto-Tune)Say HelloCome And Get MeHeart Of The City (Ain’t No Love)D’EvilsStreets Is TalkingYou Must Love MeHovi BabyPublic Service Announcement (Interlude) If you cannot see the audio controls, your browser does not support the audio element

Victory Jumpoff Radio - Show #21: To Jay-Z Or Not To Jay Z?

Dope Reads: Does Anyone Remember That Kobe Retired?

I only ask because April has been insane. I still don't feel like the world has started spinning since last Thursday. Since I couldn't find the words, Bomani Jones and Questlove both put out some beautiful pieces about Prince. ESPN has four entries this time, 2 about Kobe, 1 by the wonderful Danyel Smith about Whitney's version of the National Anthem, and 1 about why Tiger fell off so hard (and Golf chimes in too). There's two really good pieces about Little Brother and 2Pac in here too. Bookmark this and prepare to lose yourself for the next few hours... or days.Kobe. 81. Oral history. - ESPNHave I mentioned that I really loved Creed? And that I called the awards nominations? - VarietyYou should really read All-Star Superman. I’m a Marvel guy telling you this. - Comics Should Be GoodA beautiful piece about Whitney Houston’s rendition of the National Anthem at Super Bowl XXV. - ESPNIt’s been 20 years since Pac released All Eyez On Me. Here’s a truly in-depth look at it…

Hyphen Nation - Episode #10: Book To The Future - 1st LP, Side A(Costarring Errick Greenlee)

On the day after what may be remembered as one of the darkest days for many, I finally found time to have my first guest ever. Errick Greenlee is not just a son, brother, husband, father, or purveyor of all things nerd fresh. He's not just a writer or filmmaker. He's not just the king of the Lightning Round or his #GoingInRaw column for KillerBoomBox. Nor is he just one half of a dynamic t-shirt designing duo. In addition to that glistening resume, Errick Greenlee is a professional wrestling fan. And nothing was the same.

So we start to fantasy book the WWE until SummerSlam and already, the ideas are flowing. Reigns, Styles, Rollins, Balor, Ziggler. Trust me, this is the phenomenal forearm of the fantasy booking; it's that over. Plus we take the time to talk about Chyna and Prince. And this is only the first edition in what I hope will be many more appearances but Mr. Greenlee. Hold on to your butts.

If you cannot see the audio controls, your browser does not support the a…

Hyphen Nation - Episode #9: Knock On Wood

On a very special day, Hyphen Nation 9 is born into existence! Today’s topics include the 2nd birthday of my daughter Aaliyah (that’s the special day, take that smokers), my experiences as a “single” dad, why I’ve been so lazy creatively lately, the tough decision between my Android and becoming one of those iPhone users, and an update about those lifestyle changes I keep saying I’m going to make (the elephant scale at the Smithsonian Zoo wasn’t impressed). Plus: I predict the 2016 NBA Playoffs in their entirety. And I don’t care if you say it’s not fair to pick after they officially start. Besides, there are no surprises to be heard here.

This episode is all about the positive vibes so check that negativity at the door. Or to Yankee Stadium.

If you cannot see the audio controls, your browser does not support the audio element

Episode #9: Knock On Wood

RIP Prince

I don't have words for this. Maybe I will at some point. As perfect as Prince has always been, I never really believed he could die. This could be the real life equivalent of Superman dying in 1992. This wasn't supposed to happen. Aaliyah was supposed to be able to show our grandkids how amazing Prince is in 2049. I was supposed to see him live before he outlived me.

My chest hurts.

My Pen Died Yesterday

My pen died yesterday afternoon after several months of faithful service. It was a gift from someone who frequents my job and she dropped off a breast cancer awareness goody bag of sorts for everyone in my office. I wasn’t in when she did the drop off (as it was either October or November and I attended major funerals in both of those months) but I was immediately smitten with this pink pen with Mon General Hospital emblazoned on it (the same hospital where Aaliyah was born almost 2 years ago).

Even as a kid, I always was fascinated with writing utensils, even when it came to coloring, as I always opted for colored pencils versus any other coloring instruments. Does anyone else have a favorite pencil brand (Dixon Ticonderoga. Not Dixon brand. If there’s not a fort name following it, forget about it)? Does anyone else have a disdain towards mechanical pencils (or does anyone remember the two sizes of lead you needed for them)? I prefer a black Bic Cristal ballpoint pen but I’ve become p…