29 March 2016

B Hyphen - "Death Before Dishonor Part 3" (Produced by Lip Beats)

B Hyphen - "Death Before Dishonor Part 3" (Produced by Lip Beats)

Once upon a time, Matt had an idea to start his own record label. He called it Death Before Dishonor Records. He never made it legally official but all my releases up until Spideyville Unlimited were released under the DBDR banner (everything from volume Three up has also been released under Soundvizion Recordingz as well).

While DBDR was conceived in high school (I think), the Death Before Dishonor mantra is something we always tried to keep with us. When I recorded volume 4 in 2012, I felt like I needed to do a third installment of my "Death Before Dishonor" series of songs. The original version was supposed to seem like a recorded freestyle session, with my verses intercut with interludes of me not liking my rhymes (think Nas's "Book Of Rhymes"). While I thought the idea was clever, I never thought the concept made any sense to anyone else.

So last night, I pieced the song back together so that all three verses blend into one song. I've been wanting to do this for a while and I like the results much better.

I'm also including "Death Before Dishonor" from volume II and "Death Before Dishonor Part 2" from volume Three.

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