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B Hyphen - "Death Before Dishonor Part 3" (Produced by Lip Beats)

Once upon a time, Matt had an idea to start his own record label. He called it Death Before Dishonor Records. He never made it legally official but all my releases up until Spideyville Unlimited were released under the DBDR banner (everything from volume Three up has also been released under Soundvizion Recordingz as well).

While DBDR was conceived in high school (I think), the Death Before Dishonor mantra is something we always tried to keep with us. When I recorded volume 4 in 2012, I felt like I needed to do a third installment of my "Death Before Dishonor" series of songs. The original version was supposed to seem like a recorded freestyle session, with my verses intercut with interludes of me not liking my rhymes (think Nas's "Book Of Rhymes"). While I thought the idea was clever, I never thought the concept made any sense to anyone else.

So last night, I pieced the song back together so that all three verses blend into one song. I've been wanting to do …

Hyphen's Long Travelled Thoughts: The Man Who Has Too Many Ideas

I wish you could put 100% effort into 1 thing…instead of 1000 different projects, you would be efficient & awesome at it. – @OfficiallyCHRIS
This was a tweet I got from my friend Chris the other day upon his reading of my three months late D-Why article for While it could be passed off as a dismissive compliment, it’s really bothered me for days now. He drove the point home further when we met up to watch football the following Sunday.

Essentially, he was saying that if I could manage to stop my mind from wandering from project to project all the time and focus on one thing, I would be great at it. The way I do things now, I have a lot of good projects, but nothing amazing.

As I’ve chronicled before, I planned on releasing The Mind’s Mixtape volume 4 and my first album, Soon You’ll Understand by my 30th birthday in January and then fading from the music scene completely,. After semi-persuing a career for the past 8 years, I wanted to focus on other things. Writin…

Hyphen's Long Travelled Thoughts: The Timelines Of Misfits

I started watching the show Misfits after my friend Matt urged me for months on end to watch it and then he promptly stopped after I did. Misfits is a British television show in the vein of Heroes except with a smaller cast and more freedom to do what they want outside of America’s FCC guidelines. In honor of the fourth season premiering a few weeks ago, I wanted to share an article I originally posted on my blog last December. All the seasons are available on Hulu, including the new season’s episodes every Monday. The rest of this article…promises to get very confusing, very quickly.
Being the nerd fresh originator that I am and to prove that this is my actual blog, I want to talk about something serious today. Mainly, the timelines of Misfits.

The reason I think I’m even writing this is because I watched a Community episode OnDemand called “Remedial Chaos Theory”. In it, Abed tells Jeff that by rolling a die, new timelines are formed. Also, being the Back To The Future buff that I am,…

Victory Jumpoff Radio - Show #20: The Final Banana

The Final Banana is for dancing. If you don't like to dance, you'll dance. If you like to dance, you'll sweat. If you like to sweat, you need The Final Banana.Madonna - VogueSnap - Rhythm Is A DancerDeee-Lite - Groove Is In The HeartEMF - UnbelievableRight Said Fred - I'm Too SexyCrystal Waters - Gypsy Woman (She’s Home)C+C Music Factory - Gonna Make You Sweat (Everybody Dance Now)Gerardo - Rico SuaveHaddaway - What Is Love?Ini Kamoze - Here Comes The HotstepperLa Bouche - Be My LoverRobin S. - Show Me LoveRob Base & DJ EZ Rock - It Takes TwoSir Mix-A-Lot - Baby Got BackTechnotronic - Pump Up The JamBlack Box - Everybody EverybodyMarky Mark and the Funky Bunch - Good VibrationsCeCe Peniston - FinallyMaxi Priest - Close To YouPaula Abdul - Straight UpArrested Development - People EverydayHeavy D and the Boyz - Now That We Found LoveMadonna - Express YourselfBobby Brown - Every Little Step (Radio Edit)Young MC - Bust A Move If you cannot see the audio controls, your…

Hyphen's Long Travelled Thoughts: Boyz II Men and Life After Evolution

Among the many, many things there are in the world that bring joy to my nerdy self, Boyz II Men’s II is one of them. My earliest memories of the album was the hit song “I’ll Make Love To You” and the impact it had on radio in 1994. And as a fan of their previous hits, I was anxious to hear the whole disc. And my dad (who I credit a large chunk of my slow jam appreciation to) had bought it and told me to take a listen whenever I got a chance. I couldn’t get the CD out of the case though.

Mind you, I was 11 years old at this time. I didn’t want to admit to my parents that I was too stupid to take a CD out of its case. So I just didn’t listen to it.

For a very long time.

Eventually, on my umpteenth try, I figured out that if I pull on the CD while pushing the teeth out, good listenings would be had by all. And I listened. I’m willing to say that even 18 years later, II is still the album I’ve listened to the most in my life. Having no portable CD player or a CD player in my bedroom, I taped…

Hyphen's Long Travelled Thoughts: Why We're Here

So I never really explained why is here.

Not that I really have to explain it. At its basis, is just one among a million websites that are created every day. There’s really no rhyme or reason for it other than to carve out a slice of internet real estate. But after reading through this site’s inspiration, Grantland, and noticing that Bill Simmons1did something similar, I decided to try my hand at explaining what “The Trike” is all about.

The Tricycle Offense was formed one late night when I was having Movie Night2 with Thomas and Anthony. We all worked at The Shoe Dept. and had formed a friendship. Somehow, out of my drunken rambling, I convinced them that we needed to call ourselves the Tricycle Offense3. Why? Because there was three of us, we weren’t playing basketball, and it was more fun to say than triangle offense. They agreed and from then on out, whenever we felt the need to “hulk up” or when we agreed with each other in public, one of wou…

Hyphen's Long Travelled Thoughts: The Dark Knight Rises Shooting

I went to bed last night complaining on Twitter that I probably wouldn’t get to see The Dark Knight Rises in theaters. Having just started a new job, it looks like my comic fandom is going to take a back seat to the real life reality of paying bills. That being said, I was okay with not attending the midnight premiere of DKR. Having attended the Spider-Man 3 premiere in 2007, I realized midnight showings just weren’t for me. I’d rather hit up a matinee the week after the big screening. Less people and a better opportunity for me to focus on the movie.

In Aurora, Colorado this morning, a lone gunmen opening fired during a DKR screening, killing 12 and wounding 58 as of this writing. In the blink of an eye, the worst mass shooting in America’s history had occurred.

And I was complaining about not getting to see it.

As is the norm with any news story, the questions have been coming in droves. What would make someone do this? What impact will this have on this year’s elections? What does thi…

Hyphen's Long Travelled Thoughts: Maury Gets Results

I’m old. While only 29, I still have seen some things in my day. I remember when The Maury Povich Show was on. And this wasn’t theMaury we all love (and loathe) today. This is when Maury, along with the Sally Jessy Raphaels, Phil Donahues, Ricki Lakes, and Geraldo Riveras of the world where constantly chasing Oprah Winfrey’s mega-blockbuster of a show.

The Maury Povich Show had a simple format. Some people came on to confess their infidelity to their spouses, others would come on and speak of horrible experiences, and some would come on in an effort to find love. It was a potpourri of content. Since I only had 4 channels from 1992-1995 in Capon Bridge, West Virginia, I welcomed these various characters into my TV room. It was better than pulling weeds in the hot summer sun at the time.

Then, The Jerry Springer Show ushered in a new era. Jerry’s turn towards more provocative content had paid off, as his became one of the first shows to beat Oprah in 1997.

While Jerry would put virtually a…

Hyphen's Long Travelled Thoughts: On Bill Stewart

On May 21, former West Virginia Mountaineers coach Bill Stewart passed away from a sudden heart attack. He had been playing a round of golf with WVU's former athletic director when he collapsed.

Those are the facts that ESPN and various media sources have reported. Anyone who had the pleasure of meeting Bill Stewart have been singing the praises of one of the nicest men they have ever met.

I never met Bill Stewart. I, the Miami Hurricane fan who started following WVU football once I moved to Morgantown, only knew Coach Stew through what I saw on the football field and what I read in the media.

I was livid in 2007 when Rich Rodriguez decided to leave WVU for the University of Michigan. Even though a great Mountaineer season had fallen short of the National Championship, I was certain that a returning Steve Slaton and Pat White would guarantee another chance at WVU's first National Title. Rodriguez' move is still viewed as selfish in my eyes and only lessened once Michigan fire…

Breaking Bad - Series Finale Predictions/Bear Musings

Kelen Conley: So after all the emotional of this episode (“Granite State”)…where do we go from here? Walt’s headed back to the ABQ, his family are loose ends…who dies besides Walt? Is it Skyler’s time? Is the ricin for Lydia or Todd? How far are the Feds on Walt’s ass? Does Walt finally die in the series finale?

Thomas Crawford: I think Walt is going to use the ricin on Lydia, or his former partners of Gray Matter; that whole bs thing telling the news that Walt just came up with the name of the company sort of set him off. I wonder if Skyler dies, I’m not sure if Lydia trusts her to keep her mouth shut even with Todd’s warning…and we have seen how Lydia handles anyone who can point a finger at her. It’s also clearly obvious that Todd would do it without hesitation; Lydia wouldn’t even have to pay him for it. The machine gun seems like it’s for a showdown with the Nazis, however, this seems too unlike Walt and this show in general. I think the writers want us to think it but they may ju…

Breaking Bad - Favorite/Hated Characters

Thomas Crawford: Jesse is my favorite, hands down. Jesse sort of represents human nature and the condition on the show. He goes to highs, lows; starts out as a punk that you hate, then you find out he has a soft side for his brother and kids in general. He needs some authority figures in his life to help guide him when he is in trouble, but who hasn’t needed that? He finds his way, loses it, finds it again. He makes mistakes, learns from them, then makes them again or something similar and gets burned.

Every person at the end of their life would look back and see a lot of the same things; they would have memories both good and bad, regrets, lost loves, hating themselves for some things, triumphs, etc. The only difference is that Pinkman experienced them all in a very condensed span of time. He just encapsulates what it means to be human. (Vocab five to myself for finally getting to use encapsulate).

Honorable mention, gotta throw it out to Saul Goodman, a slick man that you should hate …

Breaking Bad - "Salud"

It’s rather fitting that Breaking Bad Week starts, well, late. After the train wreck (in a good way) glory that was “Granite State”, one could understand why I wasn’t eager to tackle my favorite episode quite yet. Despite some real debating, I didn’t choose “Granite State” as my favorite episode…yet. Maybe after multiple viewings, especially once I sit down and watch season 5 as a whole, it’ll come out at the outright winner.

I go back to the starting late, because I started watching Breaking Bad late. It wasn’t long after season 4 completed that I pressed play on the first episode on Netflix. While some viewers call the show’s pilot boring, I couldn’t help but keep watching after seeing Walt’s taped confession in the first 5 minutes.

The moment I knew I was hooked? “Cancer Man” when Walter blew up the car with the KEN WINS license plates. It was something we’ve all fantasied about doing to that oblivious douchebag that annoys us and is an underrated plot point in Walt’s journey to “bre…

Breaking Bad - "Fifty-One"

Summary: Walt and Walt Jr. get the old Aztec back from the shop. After spotting his Heisenberg hat in the back seat, Walt sells the Aztec impulsively and buys a Chrysler 300. Once he sees Jr.’s disappointment, he swaps his PT Cruiser out for a fresh Dodge Challenger. At Madrigal’s Houston offices, Lydia gets tipped off about a DEA visit just before Hank and crew show up. She leads them to Ron Forenall, and after they leave with Ron in custody, she calls Mike back to tell him she has no one to move the methylamine. Mike tells her he’ll send someone else. Walt gives Skyler more cash to launder and she responds by telling him she wants the kids out of the house. Walt blows her off and asks for a birthday party and a chocolate cake. The next day, Jr. has to beg Skyler to break Walt’s bacon into a 51. This also signifies that a year has passed in the series. Hank and Gomez are still trying to figure out the missing pieces of Gus’s empire and decide to follow Mike. Hank gets offered the ASA…

Breaking Bad - "Hazard Pay"

Summary: Mike visits the remaining members of his team to reassure them they”ll be reimbursed after the DEA took their Fring hazard pay. Walt moves back into the house much to Skyler’s dismay but keeps the condo for now. Mike, Walt, Jesse, and Saul visit locations for a new superlab and then decided to cook in houses that are meant for fumigation. They work with a crew/business named Vamanos Pest Control to accomplish this. Skinny Pete and Badger make an appearance but Jesse ignores their attempts to join the new business. Andrea and Brock drop in on Jesse and Walt’s final preparations and then Brock and Walt share an awkward silence. As Walt and Jesse cook their first new batch, Skyler breaks down in front of Marie. After Walt leaves Jesse with doubts about his relationship with Andrea, he is confronted by Marie at home. He tells her about Skyler’s affair and chalks her break down up to guilt and grief from Ted’s accident. Mike, Jesse, and Walt break down their profits from the first…

Life In Morgantown: Gary's Comics And More

Living in Capon Bridge, the closest comic book store was Four Color Fantasies in Winchester, VA. As often as my parents took me to get comics from there, most of my early collection came from the newsstand (yes kids, when I was a boy you could get comic books everywhere. The grocery store, the convenience store, drug stores, etc. It’s a shame they’re not readily available anymore). So when I moved to Morgantown in 2003, it wasn’t long before I ventured out of my College Avenue apartment and went exploring on High Street.

Breaking Bad - "Madrigal"

When we last left our anti-heroes, they had just managed to wipe a hard drive containing video (and possibly other evidence) that had Walt, Jesse, and Mike all on the scene of the now destroyed superlab. Their methods of wiping the hard drive also destroyed a police evidence room and revealed a Cayman Island’s account in the name of one Gustavo Fring.

In this week’s teaser, we get our first glimpse into a company called Madrigal Electromotive and one employee named Peter Schuler. After a brief introduction of Schuler tasting sauces, he then proceeds to commit suicide in order to avoid the authorities who have came to question him. We later learn in the show that Schuler was fully aware of Fring’s meth dealings and that Madrigal was an apparent partner of Los Pollos Hermanos.

Jesse and Walt toss his house looking for the ricin cigarette from last season. It’s nice that they felt the need to tie up this loose end even after Brock was revealed to be poisoned by Lilly of the Valley. I don’t…

Breaking Bad - "Live Free Or Die"

I’m a sucker.

I say that because at the end of season 4′s “Face Off”, I truly believed Walter White had won. With Gus Fring dead thanks to a little help from Hector Salamanca, I didn’t see anything stopping Walt and Jesse Pinkman from resuming their lives in season 5 with little to no problem.

Until my friend pointed out that it was Walt who poisoned Brock Cantillo. I had been duped to think that Brock had magically ingested the same Lilly of the Valley flower that was in Walt’s backyard. I had been so sucked into Walt’s efforts to save everyone from Gus that I couldn’t believe Walter had went after a child. Especially after a child’s death was the reason Jesse spiraled back into drug use in season 3′s “Half Measures”.

But I was wrong. And if there ever a point where the Walter White we met in season 1 died, it would have to be the moment he poisoned Brock. And that’s exactly where season 5 picks up.

But not before a classic Breaking Bad cold opening. Walt is seen with a full head of hair…

Hyphen Nation - Episode #8: I Feel Petty

In this episode, everybody gets it! And by that I mean that I talk about how I hold grudges (I was taught by the best) and how it feels when Seinfeld loses his Newman (it feels pretty great). I also spend some time talking about being just one of the girls (people like talking to me. It's a gift and a curse) and how I became enshrined in the Mario Kart Wii Hall of Fame (it's a real thing. You can totally look it up. You'll see a picture of my victims sad faces next to my name). I wrap things up by talking about how Steph Curry is having his moment and how I no longer lust after Little Caesar's bacon wrapped pizza.

I may also be muttering under my breath at times. It was a rough week.