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Hyphen Nation - Episode #7: Welcome To The Disney Movie Review Podcast

You take one day off and life gets in the way. So what do you do? You wait until the next opportunity presents itself and you keep the podcast train on the tracks! Enclosed within these audio walls, I question whether I'm a bad husband, I talk about Aladdin and the Little Mermaid and my differing opinions on both (Welcome to the Disney movie review podcast!), this episode's cover girl Ronda Rousey's confession to considering suicide after she lost to Holly Holm, and getting better at writing (faster) through repetition.

This episode was recorded at not just one but two Morgantown Krogers before and after a dentist appointment. Your man of the people has come back.

14 Questions: 14 Questions Strike Back

Garbage day. Maybe one day I’ll actually get back to putting it out the night before instead of getting up at the buttcrack the day of to do it.Did any else notice how Miley brought “turnt up” to mainstream radio?Does seeing a hated NFL team’s jersey make anyone else want to curse the person wearing it out?Can we chalk Johnny Manziel up to an NFL draft bust already?What the hell is up with people sitting and reading in the graphic novel section of Barnes & Noble now?Am I the only one who hears the drums from “Don’t Be Cruel” on Austin Mahone’s “What About Love”?Did Bobby Brown or Teddy Riley get any credit RedOne?Did anyone else want the main character Piper to die by the 4th episode of Orange Is The New Black?A-Rod’s never going to go away, is he?How are there repeats of Whose Line… showing already?How boring was that NFL Hall of Fame Game Sunday?Is it me or is chain restaurant food getting worse?As usual, has summer went by too fast?Is Brain Michael Bendis bad for Marvel or the …

14 Questions: The Return Of 14 Questions

Back from island. Despite Matthew’s opinion that this is a stupid feature, the questions remain.What if there were no hangovers?Is Matt Lauer still the devil?J. Lo & Marc Anthony: She only did it (him) for the babies right?Did Kate Middleton just have the best birth of all time?Did you know someone sued Pepsi because they couldn’t use Pepsi Points to buy a jet?Is it me or is “Take Back The Night” a bit underwhelming compared to Justin’s earlier material this year?Did you really think they would find Zimmerman guilty?And does anyone believe that Al Sharpton gives a shit about anything other than publicity?Is Leah Remini quitting Scientology going to make her a nicer person?So the CW’s Capture is a safer rip-off of The Hunger Games correct?Who else is glad Whose Line Is It Anyway? is back?So seriously. What’s the best hip-hop album of 2013 so far?Is it me or do people who work TSA and Customs in airports enjoy being jerks?Did you know Bill Cosby released several albums featuring his…

14 Questions: Red, White & Hyphen

I’m two days late. Happy birthday ‘Merica. Happy Magna Carta Holy Grail. Happy wedding to me. I give all credit to DJ Monstalung for the NBA questions.Why did TLC remake “Waterfalls”?And did they really hate Left Eye as much as she used to claim?Did you know “Blinded By The Light” does not contain the word douche?Did you know “Blinded By The Light” was a Springsteen song originally?Anthony Bennett?Do you think Kanye should speak out against all the violence in Chicago?Pelicans?Would Dwight Howard sign with the Heat just to win rings?Is the roundabout the most exciting non-sports/non-party school related news to ever hit Morgantown, WV?How come fireworks can still make you feel like a kid?This one is from @luvelizabethany: Is the topless video girl replacing the barely clothed video girl?Why do we forgive R. Kelly and Chris Brown for their terrible decisions as soon as they decide to sing?How did America love Kevin Arnold so much on The Wonder Years when he was such a dick?Do people on…

14 Questions: Magneto Was Right

None of these questions have to do with Magneto. I was just looking at how awesome Cyclops has become in the comics since he murked out good ol’ Chuck. I’m telling you, Scott Summers has been gold since Grant Morrison got a hold of him.Is En Vogue’s “Free Your Mind” one of the scariest empowerment songs ever?Did anyone think Wyclef would fall off as bad as he has after he released The Carnival?Was that the most subdued NBA Championship win of all-time last Thursday?Did anyone else waste their Sunday watching Catfish?Was seeing a cow split in half by a giant dome on everyone else’s bucket list?When did Alicia Keys fall off?We’re never getting anymore music from any of The Diplomats are we?Will Dave Chappelle update his juror skit to include Aaron Hernandez now?Does anyone else wish Carrie Bradshaw was real and Sarah Jessica Parker was a character?Would a lady who’s having an affair with a pastor be referred to as a pastoress?Are Jolly Ranchers the greatest candy of all-time?How does on…

14 Questions: And a Yeezus Saved Them All

Heard Yeezus yesterday. In other news, most of these questions were inspired by the gym last Wednesday.Why do us men get addicted to the silliest things sometimes?Did anyone else realize Intervention had been on for 13 seasons?Is Reshma Shetty of USA’s Royal Pains underrated?Is Duck Dynasty the best “reality” show on TV?Does 2 Guns look like the best movie ever made for men of all-time?Would you rather have a joint T-Pain/Lil’ Wayne album or “Turn Down For What”?Did LeBron really need to shoot that 3 at the end of Game 4 so he could outscore Wade?Why don’t people listen to their voicemail first before calling someone back?Have you ever gotten some friends together, bought drinks, and played New Super Mario Bros. Wii?Should everyone be cheering for the Heat on Thursday now?Is everyone going to start making music like Kanye did on Yeezus?Did anyone else think we wouldn’t get new Jay-Z music until next year?Has anyone else heard about dilation in two random conversations since Saturday?I…

14 Questions: The Man In The Bill Murray Shirt At The Spurs Game

Welcome to the newest feature of the site. Just like how Vibe used to pose 20 Questions at the end of every issue, I’m seeking to pose 14 questions every Wednesday. The answers are left up to the reader. And if you really want to answer them, use the comments section.Is it safe to assume yet that LeBron’s Kryptonite is found in the entire state of Texas?Is Adam Levine really okay with Olly Murs impersonating his voice?Did Kanye plan all of this Yeezus promo this week or does J. Cole’s Born Sinner have him that worried he won’t be dropping the best album June 18th?Should I still waste money to see The Hangover Part III?How is CBS still the #1 network?Does Warner Bros. really have enough money to keep DC Comics afloat?Dammit Chris Brown, why do you continue to make such catchy songs like “Fine China”?Is anyone else ready for there to be some form of professional football on television all year round?Who else would buy a Julia Dale album of covers?Why is Donald Glover/Childish Gambino so…

Victory Jumpoff Radio - Show #18: Earth, Wind & Fire

Another legend gone. The music lives on. Rest in peace Maurice White. Clap your hands this evening, 'cause it's alright.Reasons (Live)Shining StarBoogie WonderlandGot To Get You Into My LifeAfter The Love Is GoneFantasyKeep Your Head To The SkyDevotion (Live)Can’t Hide LoveThat’s The Way Of The WorldOn Your FaceFacesSeptemberLet Me TalkLet’s GrooveMagic MindMomGetawaySing A SongEarth, Wind & FireWanna Be With YouCaribouSee The LightRunnin’Sun Goddess

Talking Out The Dead: "No Way Out"

Kelen Conley: Well that escalated quickly.

I hate to start things out on that note but they really did. This episode and the first 3 episodes of Season 6 have all been contenders for greatest single episode of The Walking Dead ever. This one stands out for the amount of false finishes (look, wrestling jargon!) it had but there wasn’t a second that I wasn’t on the edge of my seat. I covered my eyes a few times because I knew what was coming and I knew it was going to be bad. And I definitely ran around my living room fist pumping when cool shit was happening. This is another one of those tent pole episodes you can show to a non-fan when they ask why you watch TWD.


I’m miserable right now.

I hate to put it so bluntly but I am. It has nothing to do with my personal life. I’ll leave it at that due to what else is obviously causing the issues. I’m not writing this so I can bitch. I’m looking of some kind of release.

Talking Out The Dead: "Start To Finish"

Kelen Conley: This episode had a ton of things happen. While I hate that it ends on a cliffhanger, many storylines that have been plodding for the last 4 episodes get moving along in a hurry. While I’m definitely not ready to forgive the show for the atrocities it’s committed after a brilliant start, it’s a definite step into the right direction as we head into the latter part of Season 6. It also seems like a lot of the things we’ve been complaining about lately are going to get handled and a new threat is finally being introduced. A much needed change after the Wolves seemed to fizzle out, just like the Terminites in Season 5.

Hyphen Nation - Episode #6: The Case of the Stale Fudge Rounds & Cherry Pop-Tarts

So with the professional footballs officially put away for another season, it's time for Hyphen Nation to blossom into its final and best form! Or something like that. Contained within these audio walls, I discuss why the day after the Super Bowl should be some kind of national holiday, I compare my experiences with the OJ Simpson trial as a child with what I know today, the story of gas station snacks that spawned this episode's title, my eternal struggle with never being able to catch up on all the podcasts I like, and I end things with a small tribute to the retiring Daniel Bryan.

It's still snowing in Morgantown so if you live in a warm climate, I hate you. But I'd still like you to check out this episode. And pass it along like a note in class. I don't really care if the teacher sees it.

Talking Out The Dead: "Heads Up"

Kelen Conley: There is absolutely no denying it; I am highly disappointed with this. We sat through 3 episodes, Morgan’s, the boring “Now”, and the update on Daryl, Sasha, and Abraham. We hung on the edge of our seats for this key plot point to be resolved. We speculated, some of us were crying, some of us wrote thousands of nice words about something we thought the show had lost (that would be me and you). The Walking Dead had a true shot to take the show in a brand new direction as Season 6 moved on and they couldn’t pull the trigger. We all know what not pulling the trigger can do for you, right Andrea?

The Email Exchange: The Walking Dead Theory (w/ Heather Carrico)

What began as an innocent few lines to Heather Carrico, who got me to start watching The Walking Dead turned into a massive email fest about what will happen in tonight’s season finale. Email gold is what follows.
Kelen Conley: Who’s gonna die on Sunday

#1 – Hershel
I just don’t see him leaving the prison, I can’t. We talked about this.
#2 – Daryl
You’re gonna hate me for this one but his character arc seems to be ending with Merle dying.
#3 – Andrea
If she somehow lives through the Governor’s torture and makes it to season 4…I don’t know what I might do.
#4 – Carol/Judith/Maggie’s sister
If Daryl or Judith go then Carol can’t be far behind. The only way I see singing sister living is if she leaves before the battle starts.
#5 – Everyone in Tyreese’s party except Tyreese
They’ve pretty much made them expendable by not developing them much.

Who’s leaving before the war starts on Sunday

#1 – Glenn & Maggie
I wonder if Hershel will perform the ceremony and then they decide to leave together…sounds…

The Email Exchange: Ultimate Comics Spider-Man & The New Reader (w/ Matthew Spencer)

The Email Exchange is exactly what it says: two writers correspond by email until enough of their rambling can be made into one coherent read. In our first edition, my brother from another (and Hip-Hop Manifesto podcast partner), Matthew “Chivalry” Spencer and I discuss the new Ultimate Comics Spider-Man series. Which segues into a intense discussion about new comic fans vs. old comic fans. Points were made, points were argued, but I think it came out well.
Conley: I read those issues of Ultimate Comics Spider-Man you graciously gave me when you visited in April. Read them from cover to letters page and I have to tell you man…I’m not really impressed. I’m used to reading Brian Michael Bendis’ super-slow “for the trade” style and none of it really grabbed me. Miles seems like a cool character but I don’t really buy it. He gets drafted into this special school where he’s supposed to be at during the week but he sneaks out with no problem? The invisibility helps but where are the security…

2009 NBA Playoffs: Lakers/Nuggets Game 5 Preview

Before we get into the Cavs/Magic Game 4, let me talk about their Western counterparts.

Lakers/Nuggets Game 5 Preview
I got really smashed on Saturday night so I barely saw any of the Lakers win except for the score. So I won't act like I saw it.

What I did see before was a Nuggets team who made a decent Mavericks team look stupid in the second round. Following their Game 4 victory, the thought crept in my head that the Nuggets could possibly beat the Lakers, especially the way the Lakers weren't showing up in Houston late in that series.

The thing the Nuggets need to keep in mind, especially going into Game 5 tonight, is they cannot win any series by just winning the even numbered games.

This series has been close every game with the exception of Game 4. The opportunities have been there for Denver to win Games 1 & 3 but that "old Laker luck" as some L.A. haters call it came calling both times. Trevor Ariza's huge steal in Game 1. Kobe taking over in the 4th quar…

2009 NBA Playoffs: Magic/Cavs Game 2

Cleveland 96 Orlando 95
So LeBron James hits a deep three pointer with 1 second on the clock to tie the Eastern Conference Finals at 1 game apiece. I wasn't shocked when LeBron's shot went in (though I did set up in my bed just from the excitement of the moment) and I wasn't shocked when Hedo Turkoglu hit his shot that put the Magic up by 1. I was really shocked the Cavaliers won.

Most people who know me know that as a diehard Chicago Bulls fan, I hate the Cavs and I despise King James. But through the first two rounds of the playoffs, the Cavs were playing like they were the best team in the NBA. I expected them to continue to play well considering Orlando barely survived the Celtics in a grueling 7 game series. I worked on Wednesday night but I came home to see the Magic getting blown out in Cleveland, where the Cavs had only lost twice all season. I tune in later in the game to not only see the Magic had gotten back into the game but would go on to win on a Rashard Lewis …

Talking Out The Dead: "Always Accountable"

Thomas Crawford: This episode seemed a little like filler in my opinion. Yes, there was some things going on, yet it didn't really hold my attention that much either. I'm not going to say I had the problems with it that I had with "Now." However, there were some points where it was trying to waste a little time in between the last episode and the next.

Talking Out The Dead: "Now"

Thomas Crawford: The beginning of the episode seemed to suggest something crazy was about to start. A wide eyed Rick was running towards the town of Alexandria with a massive swarm of walkers in hot pursuit. Overall though, this episode really had a tough time keeping my attention.

Hyphen Nation - Episode #5: Predicting The 2015 NFL Playoffs: Super Bowl 50

The 50th edition of the Super Bowl is two days away. Panthers. Broncos. I make the final pick that can make or break my 2015 NFL playoff season. A win puts me above .500; a loss, under .500. More importantly, can Peyton win his second ring and tie Eli? Will he retire on top or head to LA next season? Can Cam silence his critics, at least for awhile? I'm really pumped about this game.

Also in this show (because I couldn't do a 20 minute show just about the Super Bowl): Understanding what I like to eat, whether or not I'm scared of success, my candy addiction, and Go Demarcus and viral video in 2016.

Recommendations: New Girl season 5, Carly Rae Jepsen - E·MO·TION, The People v. OJ Simpson, The Internet - Ego Death.

Life In Morgantown: Born Day

On January 22nd, I celebrated my 12th birthday in Morgantown. On January 30th, E took me out on the town.

In the past, I used to have something called a Birthday Bash at Buck’s Corner Pub every year. It was really just a ruse so I’d have an excuse to headline my own show; all the drinks and time with friends was an added bonus. The Birthday Bash ran from 2009 to 2012, when I was so intoxicated that I passed out on Willey Street and almost ended up in jail and/or the hospital. I took it easy the next few years, choosing to remain home, but last year I ventured to the Apothecary for the first time.

I don’t remember anything after the Apothecary.

Borrowing 10 Statements from Tom for... Magna Carta... Holy Grail

So fellow Trike writer and podcaster (seriously, he has like 5 podcasts that I need to edit and get out. I’m a slacker.) Thomas Deja runs an awesome blog called Damn Your Ears! Damn Your Eyes! where he writes 10 statements about a film or television show he’s watched recently.

About a month and a half ago, my iPod adapter for my car (it’s old) broke and my CD player can only play actual CDs and not burned ones. So of course, being the Jay Z (Jay-ZJay-ZJay-ZJay-Z!) fan that I am, it was a must I get Magna Carta Holy Grail (or Holy Magna Carta Grail as I sometimes say it). I’m currently on my 4th or 5th listen and I’m finally forming unbiased opinions about Hov’s newest work. Hopefully, Tom won’t mind my borrowing his format here. If he does, read this while you can!

Having listened to all of Jay’s albums extensively, this has to be the most in the moment his lyrics have ever been. While he’s never been a slouch when it comes to punchlines that resonate, his mentions of Miley twerking amo…

May The Capture Games Odds Be In Your Favor

In this new feature, the writer attempts to get to the point in 500 words or less. Today, I take on the CW’s new show Capture.

So after Whose Line…[1. I really, really, really love Whose Line... Get off my back.] on Tuesday, Anthony pointed out a new show debuting called Capture. The opening montage was enough to suck me in so Angel and I settled in to give it a chance.

Five minutes hadn’t passed before Angel yelled, “It’s The Hunger Games!” She wasn’t wrong. 12 teams are competing for $250,000 and every two days a new team is chosen to hunt the other team across a sprawling 4,000 acre terrain. After a small head start, the hunters are required to capture the other teams by placing a talon (a disc with red lights that causes the captured’s vests to flash) on at least one of another team’s players. Once a team is captured, the hunt is done for the day, and the captives have to sit in an open jail cell adjacent to the other teams. The hunting team must capture 1 team on each day in order …

Victory Jumpoff Radio - Show #17: Slow N Grooves vol. 1

This one is dedicated to my old desktop computer. The one that used to pump out slow n grooves every single weekend on Naomi Street. Thanks for the memories.Usher - SuperstarMonica - Before You Walk Out My LifeMichael Jackson - I Just Can’t Stop Loving YouUsher – Slow JamBoyz II Men – Doin’ Just FineLauryn Hill – The Sweetest ThingChicago – If You Leave Me NowThe Tony Rich Project – Nobody KnowsD’Angelo – Untitled (How Does It Feel?)Sunshine Anderson – Lunch Or DinnerDrake – A Night OffStevie Wonder – Knocks Me Off My FeetDonell Jones – Where I Wanna Be112 – Now That We’re DoneN SYNC – GoneChicago – Hard To Say I’m SorryBeyoncĂ© – Me, Myself, And IAlicia Keys – You Don’t Know My NameXscape – Who Can I Run To?Norah Jones – Don't Know WhyBoyz II Men – Trying TimesCarl Thomas – I WishChildish Gambino - So Into YouDru Hill – BeautyMeghan Trainor - Like I’m Gonna Lose You

An Evening With "KING DAVID": D-Why Returns To 123 Pleasant Street

I should have written this article days after this event but I didn’t. Some may call it pure laziness but I have to call it something else.

The night of August 25th meant something to me.

In my previous article, I chronicled how D-Why and I had met and his rise leading up to the release of his mixtape Don’t Flatter Yourself.1 Now from those beginnings, imagine you’re on your way to meet this guy who’s blowing up nationwide. You would expect a certain change to take place once the notoriety begins. D had agreed to do an interview with me on Twitter but I got no response to my phone call the day of the show. Figuring he was just extremely busy, I assumed the interview wasn’t going to happen. Nevertheless, I packed my old school tape recorder with me in search of quotes from showgoers, figuring I could piece together a nice show review.

I parked in the Chestnut Street garage because I didn’t feel like running to a meter all night. As I rounded the corner to 123 Pleasant Street, I noticed a …