11 January 2016

Scarlet Spider #1 - "Scarlet Rebirth, Part One: It's All In The Blood"

Scarlet Spider #1 - "Scarlet Rebirth, Part One: It's All In The Blood"

"Jordan." His head rose slightly at the sound of his name, but soon fell back upon the table.

"Jordan!" This time he jumped and his eyes slowly focused. "Come on man. What's wrong with you? The Springer case is huge for us and we can't have you sleeping." Jordan rubbed his forehead and sat up.

"Sorry Joe, it's this virus I got. It's taking all the energy I have to stay awake." Jordan responded as he opened his eyes wide as if that would cure his sleepiness.

"We already told you to go home if you didn't feel good Jordan." Joe Wilcox replied as he lit another cigarette. Jordan waved a hand at him.

"This is what we do," he said suddenly perking up. "In order to win this case, we have to find the reasonable doubt. There's no way Mrs. Hill could be Richard's killer, there's no motive. The only wrong he ever did to her was chatting with fellow fanfiction writers deep into the night on cyberspace." Everything else seems kosher. Fanfic cannot cause murder!"

"Bravo Mr. Collins, it's about time you came out of your slumber," Sheila Morgan commented as she sipped her coffee. "But that's only a start dear. What else can we do?" Jordan looked at her as if he was about to say something, but his head fell to the desk again. "So much for that," she said disgusted. "Wake up Jordan." Joe tapped Jordan on the shoulder but got no response.

"He's passed out! Call 911!"


Black. It was meant to be a definition for a color, but to Jordan Collins, it was much more. It was an agonizing pain that had been lingering over him for the better part of a week now, and he passed it off as a virus. Tonight had been the first time the pain had ever been so severe and when he finally gave into to the blackness, he wasn't surprised. But he was surprised to be reawakening from the dark as well. Awakening into a room full of light. Bright lights.

"Welcome back Mr. Collins," a masked figure said from above Jordan. "You've really been blessed with nine lives my friend. First you survive a stabbing you should have died from and now this.* Amazing." Jordan tried to form words but found his throat to be dry. The nurse saw this and promptly handed him a glass of water. With his throat cleared, he had to have answers.

*See Marvel Anthology Presents #4-Back Issue Finder Kelen

"What did I survive?" he asked as he made his way to a sitting position in the bed.

"Well, your friends rushed you in here as soon as you passed out in your office's conference room claiming you had some sort of virus. We scanned all over for what could be your ailment until we stumbled upon it. You had a radioactive particle in your blood stream. We managed to retrieve the particle with the help of a rare isotope and thus, we are able to give you a healthy prognosis." Jordan smiled.

"That's great doc," his voice went from happiness to puzzlement. "But how did it get there?"

"We have no idea. We believe it had something to do with your transfusion, because there was one other case like this 8 years or so ago. She also received a transfusion from her nephew. May Parker. That's it. Ms. Parker. Recently passed on. It was thought that she had died 3 years ago, but it turned out she didn't. But you know how anything can happen these days." The doctor then turned and started fiddling with the charts, leaving Jordan with more questions.

"It's still not known who I received that blood transfusion from is it?" he inquired. The doctor shook his head.

"Never was filed officially. There was even a rumor that costumed vigilante Spider-Man gave it to you himself, but it's only a rumor. And strangely enough, everyone that was there on the scene that night is dead. Including Gary Dreslinkski. He was a good man. Did I ever tell you about the time him and I took a-"

"Who was May Parker's nephew?" The doctor stopped and adjusted his tie, like he was avoiding the question.

"As much as I'd like to tell you, that information cannot be given out due to hospital policies." Jordan nodded.

"How much longer will I be here?"

"Twenty minutes or so, then you can be on your way." "Thanks a lot Dr…" Jordan searched for a name.

"Steven McCoy, and it was my pleasure son." With that McCoy walked out of the room. Leaving Jordan with a new purpose.

"It's time I find out the answers I need to know, I can't sit in the dark any longer." He laid back in the bed and stared at the ceiling. He was excited. So excited he could start climbing walls.

"Okay Mr. Collins, you're all ready to leave." The smiling nurse said as she handed him his receipt.

"Thanks," Jordan replied as he tucked away the paper and started out the door. Waiting for him by his car was Sheila and Joe.

"How you feeling man?" That was a tough scare there." Joe asked as he shook with him. Jordan shrugged.

"I've had worse." The three shared a laugh before Sheila spoke.

"Hey, we were just about to head to dinner, care to join us?" Jordan had seen that look in her eyes before. For as good of a lawyer as she was, she was better known for her after hours behavior, which she had been forever trying to show Jordan. Instead he smiled and shook his head.

"Sorry guys, but I got work to catch up on."

"That can wait man, let's celebrate!" Joe implied. Jordan still shook his head.

"Can't do it. Maybe some other time." With that he slid into his car and was gone.

"That was strange," Sheila mused outwardly. "That's the first man who just got out of the hospital that turned me down." Joe looked at her with a disappointed look. "Whoops. Did I say that out loud?"

Jordan locked the door behind him as he entered his apartment. The place looked exactly the way he left it a few days ago, except he never knew it meant so much to him. He fell onto his couch and closed his eyes. As desperate as he was for sleep, something called him back to reality. His eyes flew open and he looked straight at the fallen ladder from two days ago. The picture, nails, and hammer all lay resting in their place as well. He closed his eyes again, trying to shut out the imagery but it was too powerful.

))Two days ago, Jordan was taking on the simple task of hanging a picture on the wall. Only thing was he wanted to hang it high. So he had precariously climbed a ladder with the picture, nail and hammer in hand. The bad thing was he had to lean to get it right above the doorway. Only a few more inches… he thought as he stretched a little bit more. That was when the ladder slipped completely out from under him. Jordan threw his hand out to brace himself for the fall to the carpet below, when suddenly he stopped. He looked down, bewildered to see that he was still off of the floor, but nothing was supporting him. That was when he looked up. The hand he had used for a brace was attached to the wall, holding him up. It seemed like a year before Jordan attempted to grab the wall with his other hand, months before he pulled himself up with both hands, and weeks before he achieved a sitting position at a ninety-degree angle. That was when the fear took over, prompting him to let go and run to bed and claim a delusional sickness. But he knew it had really happened, there was no denying it. But could he face it?((

Jordan's eyes were open again and this time he wasn't planning on closing them. He leapt across the room and started searching the internet yellow pages, quickly coming across the information he needed.

May Parker
Forest Hills, Queens
Birthdate: 10/14/1931

"Forest Hills. That's where I need to go." It was then he saw the birthdate. "Too bad she's been dead for a few months. There's got to be another way." Playing a hunch, Jordan brought up the hospital's website. Clicking into the map section, a blueprint of the hospital unfolded before him. Scanning it quickly, he found what he was looking for in the top flights. "Medical Records. Authorized Personnel Only. That's it! Now all I have to do is figure out how to get up to the top of the building unnoticed." The ladder scene played out within head again. Finally, he stood up and looked at the wall above his computer. Standing on the chair, he put his hand to the wall and almost wished he wouldn't be able to pull himself up. By the time he stopped pulling, he was crouching neatly above his PC. Like a spider. "I guess I have no other choice." He said sighing. He looked at his hands and then looked around his apartment with a new vision. "Time to put this little trait to the test."

NEXT ISSUE: Jordan breaks into the hospital! But what secrets will he find hidden within May Parker's medical files? And will those secrets help him piece together the puzzle of his sudden Spider-powers? Be here for Scarlet Rebirth Part 2!

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