11 January 2016

Dragon Ball Z #0 - "Election Returns"

Dragon Ball Z #0 - "Election Returns"

The wind cut through the desert with a good bit of force, but this was nothing compared to the winds he had experienced a few weeks earlier. For a few weeks earlier this is where the Cell Games took place, the tournament held by the evil android of the same name, with victory deciding whether the Earth would live or die. A few challengers approached Cell at the beginning, but none were a match for him. Until his father, Goku stepped into the ring.

Goku and Cell had fought to a stalemate, but even as it seemed Goku and Cell had used most of their energy in battle, Cell revealed that he still hadn't used all of his powers. Goku knew he could not defeat Cell in his weakened state, just as he had knew he couldn't at full power.

That's when Goku made a bold move; he called to him, Gohan, to fight Cell next. All of the Z Fighters had been in shock. But Goku believed in him. Gohan approached Cell and even though he was as fast as his father, he wasn't fast enough, as Cell managed to snag him and pound on him. In a desperate attempt, he pleaded with Cell, to not fight anymore, to not unleash his hidden power.

That was the reason Goku had picked him to fight, he knew Gohan had a hidden power deep inside that he only used when his back was against the wall. As he finished telling Cell this story, Cell merely laughed in the boy's face and preceded to beat him even harder, wanting to see this hidden power for himself. Gohan refused to get angry enough to use it however.

Cell then unleashed 7 Cell Juniors towards the other 7 Z Fighters. Even though all of the Z Fighters except for Goku were in top shape, the little Cells quickly overpowered them. It was then that Hercule made his move. Android 16's body had been destroyed by Cell moments before he unleashed the other Cells and his head landed next to Hercule. 16 pleaded with Hercule to throw him in Gohan's direction. Finally, Hercule got the balls to do it, and upon landing next to Gohan, 16 told Gohan "even though you care about life and do not want to fight, sometimes to protect life you must fight. Let it go Gohan". It was then that Cell stomped on 16's head, killing him. Gohan lost it.

Ascending to Super Saiyan 2 he overpowered the little Cells and turned his attention to Cell, who he also easily defeated. In the course of this battle, he had kicked Cell so hard that he spit out Android 18, the android he had absorbed to achieve perfect form. Back in his 2nd imperfect form, Cell knew he was no match for Gohan. Goku urged Gohan to kill Cell, but Gohan let his powers go to his head and he didn't. This gave Cell the opportunity to activate his self-destruct mode, which would destroy the Earth anyhow. Gohan had failed. Then, in a bold move Goku used his instant transmission to teleport in front of Cell, touching him. "Goodbye son," was Goku's last words as he used his instant transmission again to teleport to King Kai's planet. Cell had reached the point of no return now and the last thing Goku heard was Kai's ranting about him bringing Cell to his planet.

Back on Earth, Gohan realized the worse, his father was dead. He and the Z Fighters dejectedly began their way home, when the most vicious wind he ever felt started. From within the cloud of dust, came a shot of energy, which instantly killed Trunks. Cell had returned in perfect form, thanks to his regenerative ability he had from Piccolo cells. Now he was going finish Gohan off. With his spirit broken, Gohan barely managed to save an angered Vegeta from another one of Cell's blasts, but the blast left his left arm useless. He could only watch as Cell prepared a Kamehameha Wave that would destroy Earth. Then he heard a voice. It was Goku's as he communicated with Gohan via King Kai on the other world. He told Gohan not to hold back, and he could do it. Gohan prepared his own Kamehameha and he and Cell fired at the same time. At first, the blasts met each other and fought to a standstill until Cell powered up even more and started overpowering him. Then Piccolo, Tien, Krillin, and Yamcha all tried distracting Cell with various blasts from behind but Cell easily kept brushing them off. Then a reawakened Vegeta joined the Z Fighters attack as Gohan let loose his last bit of energy. His Kamehameha destroyed every last part of Cell. The threat was over.

Upon returning back to the Lookout, Dende healed Gohan and Trunks and summoned the Dragon with the Dragonballs Goku had collected before the Cell Games. They then wished for all the people Cell killed to return to life and fix all the damage he caused. With this done, it was realized that Goku could not come back to life, for he had been brought back once already. But other options quickly came to mind as plans to summon other dragons were made. But then all the Z Fighters heard a familiar voice. It was Goku, talking through King Kai again, and he told them he didn't want to come back. It seemed to him that most of the trouble that comes to Earth has something to do with Goku's being there, so he thought it was best to stay. He said that King Kai would show him around the other world and it was another 'adventure' for him. And those were his last words.

That was a month ago.

And yet, Gohan still felt responsible for his fathers death. Even though they didn't know what would've happened if Gohan had finished Cell, he still felt he was wrong. Dad, I'm so sorry. I should've listened and finished Cell off when I had the chance. I let my powers go to my head. I'm so sorry. He lets his head hang. Just then, he felt a familiar energy level.

"Dad?" he said to know one in general. Gohan heard no response. "I must be going nuts," he said while rubbing his head in embarrassment. "I better get home." He took off only to be stopped by a voice.

"Gohan!" yelled Goku from below.

Dad!' Gohan said with elation. He turned around and headed back towards the ground.

I didn't expect you here." Goku said as he helped King Kai up.

"But Dad, you said you wasn't coming back." Gohan said questioningly.

"Well, I hadn't planned on it," he said rubbing his head. "But He thought it was best I return."

"He did?" Gohan said almost speechless.

"He did." Goku affirmed.

"I don't mean to interrupt the reunion," King Kai said. "But I just want to say it looks like I'll be staying at your house since you blew up my home, Goku. Until I can find a new home anyway."

"Sure King Kai," Goku said smiling. "I owe you as it is."

Gohan whispered in Goku's ear, "Mom's gonna have a fit."

"I know but I do owe him." He replied as he placed 2 fingers to his forehead. "Is everyone ready to go?" Kai, Bubbles and Gregory nodded. But Gohan shook his head. "Here Dad, let me do it." He said as he touched Goku's chest and then placed 2 fingers to his forehead. Soon they all teleported to their home. "Wow Gohan!" Goku said excitedly. "It took me months to get that right!"

"Let's just say I had a good teacher." he smiled.

"Gohan?!" called ChiChi as she started through the front door. "Where did you run off to? I told you to stop doing…Goku!" ChiChi's anger with Gohan melted away as she saw Goku. "I thought you were dead!" she said after she hugged him. She then began pounding on his chest. Once he got her to stop, Goku explained his story again.

"But I do need a favor hon," he said. "King Kai needs a place to stay since I blew up his planet, and I said he could stay here." ChiChi looked at Kai, then to Bubbles, then to Gregory.

"Have you lost your mind?!" she yelled. "There's no way I'm letting those bugs and a monkey in MY house!" She stomped off.

"But ChiChi!" Goku pleaded after her.

"I told him so," Gohan said to Kai.

At the Lookout, Trunks tossed his last few items into his time machine.

"Well, that's it." he said as he turned to his mother Bulma.

"I hate to see you go Trunks," she replied sadly. "But at least I know how handsome baby Trunks will grow up to be!" Trunks blushed.

"Thanks Bulma," he said quietly.

"Truth is, we all hate to see you go," said Tien. "You saved our lives." Yamcha, Krillin and Piccolo all nodded their heads. Vegeta stood off to the side with his arms folded.

"And I hate to go, but my future needs me now," Trunks said with a purpose. "Thanks to my training in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber, the androids won't even be a problem." He felt a hand touch his shoulder.

"You have to watch out for Cell in his first imperfect form too, Trunks," Piccolo reminded him. "He kills you in the future and that's how he stole the time machine. But if you're on guard you can save your own life thanks to your training as well."

"Thanks Piccolo," Trunks said with a determined smile. "Thank you everyone, even you father. You've all taught me so much. I just wish that Gohan was here."

"Here I am!" Gohan shouted from behind the group. "And look who I have with me!" Everyone turned as Gohan finished teleporting with Goku in arm.

"Goku!" everyone shouted except for Vegeta.

"Kakarot?!" Vegeta yelled. "Don't tell me you can beat death now too!"

"Not quite Vegeta," Goku laughed. "He sent me back."

"He?" the group said. Goku again recounted his tale of his return to Earth.

"Well, I for one am glad to have you back." Yamcha said.

"Me too," chipped in Krillin. You're just in time to see Trunks off."

"Trunks," Goku said as he walked towards the young Saiyan. "Thank you so much for everything you did. Earth would've been done for without you, I would've been done for in fact."

"Sure Goku," Trunks answered. "Not a problem."

"Oh and before I forget," Goku added as he turned back to Krillin. "How's 18 doing?"

"Goku!!!" Krillin screamed and began chasing him.

"That's enough boys," Bulma said as she stepped between them. "I, for one, am sick of fighting." Everyone laughed except for Vegeta. Moments later, Trunks had climbed back into the cockpit of his time machine and waved as it vanished into space.

"Mr. Popo?" Goku asked.

"Yes Goku?" Popo responded.

"Do you have any food, I'm starving!" he said as he rubbed his stomach. Popo sighed as he led him inside. It was then that Gohan saw Dende tense up.

"What is it Dende?" he asked.

"Promise this stays between me and you," the young Namek said as Gohan nodded. "I sense another danger. Not as powerful as Cell, but just as deadly." Gohan looked at Dende in fear.

"Dende, I'm not ready for this," Gohan said worriedly. "I still haven't gotten all my power back from that final fight with Cell."

"You won't need your power for this foe Gohan," Dende commented. "It's your head you'll need. But don't worry, this foe is still a ways off."

"Oh," Gohan said regaining his confidence. "I'll go tell Dad." As he entered the building he soon found Goku eating a 100 miles an hour like always.

"Dad, there's something I have to tell you." Goku kept on chewing but said,

"Go ahead son." Gohan then told Goku of what Dende had told him. When he finished, he found his father laughing.

"Why are you laughing?" Gohan asked puzzled.

"To tell you the truth, I don't know," Goku said when he finally got control of himself. "Maybe, it's because it's good to be alive. Look Gohan, if Dende said this new threat isn't going to be anywhere near the level of Cell, then why worry? We've seen the worst, and believe me, there's no one that's as bad as Cell was." Gohan thought about this for a minute.

"Yeah, I guess you're right." he said smiling.

"Care to join me?" Goku asked as he ripped into a drumstick.

"Sure Dad." Gohan replied as he sat down.

And from the other world, a voice came. "It is nearly time." He stated boldly.

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