05 January 2016

Dope Reads: What if Kobe Bryant was drafted by the Celtics?

Dope Reads: What if Kobe Bryant was drafted by the Celtics?

But Kelen, I thought you said you weren't going to keep posting a bunch of links on your site? To be honest, I can't help it. A large amount of the time spent on my phone is reading whatever links I find interesting. What I'm trying to accomplish with sharing these links this time is the quality of them. If I like something okay enough to want to share it, that's what social media is for. But these are high quality H20.
  • A look at the bad ass Scott Summers - ComicsVerse
  • The Rumble In The Jungle, Revisted - Roots Of Fight Blog
  • And why not the Thrilla In Manilla too? - Roots Of Fight Blog
  • I’ve posted this before but here’s Rembert Browne’s Burning Man experience - Grantland
  • Dave Meltzer’s take on WWF’s treatment of Bret Hart from November 1997 - Archive.org/Google Drive
  • Here’s a project that will make you think twice about selfies being silly - Medium
  • If you used to read Wizard magazine like I did, you’ll love G. Kendall’s retrospective columns - Comics Should Be Good
  • Ever wanted to see what a conversation between some of the greats of pulp fiction would be like? - Blood & Ink
  • Ronda Rousey finally speaks. This is either going to be the Lang rematch in Rocky III or Tyson/Holyfield II - ESPN The Magazine
  • Kobe was almost a Celtic. But they chose Antoine Walker. Think about that. - ESPN

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