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Hyphen Nation - Episode #4: There Will Be No Sportball Talk Within

I take a break with the NFL and leave the predictions in my other pants pocket. In the first regular episode of Hyphen Nation, I spend time talking about how terrible I am at dealing with change, how I'm trying to use Snapchat more but Android's version won't let me be great, how I finally get Seinfeld after 32 years, and I discuss where the real problem with Frozen lies.

Because I watch Frozen all... the.. time.

Life In Morgantown: Winter Storm Jonas

I’m not a fan of snow. I don’t think I ever have been since around 8th grade. It was my first year playing organized basketball in Hampshire County and snow canceled one of my basketball games (it wasn’t the last). Since then, snow and I have had a very hate/hate relationship.

Hyphen Nation - Episode #3: Predicting The 2015 NFL Playoffs:Championship Round

We’re down to the final four teams in the hunt for Super Bowl 50 and I recap what happened in the Divisional Round (I went 4-0, making me 5-3 this postseason) and pick the two teams that’ll be headed to San Francisco in February.

I also spend a lot of time getting distracted by all the people flying into the Kroger parking lot in search of bread and milk in preparation for Winter Storm Jonas. Considering this was the second time I recorded this episode after a headphone/microphone jack mix up the other day, it’s only right I get to watch the crazies fly in and out of the parking lot while the show rolls on.

Manning v. Brady. Cam v. Palmer. On v. On. Bye v. Bye. Kathy Bates. TV networks must hate me. The not-quite Hyphen Nation podcast. All of these things are discussed in this action packed third episode.

Did I mention I actually recorded this episode once? I was once told everything happens for a reason, so this reality’s Episode 3 must be better than the other Episode 3 you were going …

#Thoro Podcast - Ep 9: Got To Have It

This is what your radio should sound like.

Robin (Vol. 3) #2 - "It Never Gets Better"


"Don't sample the product," Burke hissed to himself as he mocked his father. "He's always talking down to me." He fingered the bag of pills in his jacket pocket. "And Sublime is the gayest name I've ever heard."

"Hey!" a tattooed youth yelled a few feet ahead of him. "You gotta problem with Sublime?"

"Do I have do you even know about Sublime?" Burke responded as he stepped closed to the younger man. His free hand brushed against the gun that was tucked between his waist and his jeans.

"Man, ‘Santeria' is my favorite song ever! How are you gonna talk about a dead man's band like that?" His moved so his nose was just below Burke's.

"Oh," Burke laughed. "That Sublime. I love Sublime too man, it's just my dad wants to name this idea of his Sublime is all."

"Oh shit, that is lame!" The youth said as he stepped away. He extended his hand to Burke. "S…

Robin (Vol. 3) #1 - "Big Man On Campus"

"This is the last one," Tim Drake said as he put the last box into the empty room. He and his father stood within Tim's spacious dorm room on the campus of UCLA. "Felt like I had a hundred boxes to bring with me."

"I lost count around thirty-seven," his father Jack Drake replied. "Now Tim, I really don't have to tell you how to behave, because I'm sure you're responsible enough to know the difference between right and wrong." Tim rolled his eyes. "But what I do want to tell you," Jack continued. "Is Dana and I are both very proud of you and your mother would have been extremely proud. Don't ever forget that." Tim smiled as he father patted him on the shoulder.

"Thanks Dad," Tim replied. He swallowed the lump in his throat and followed his father out of his dorm room. "Ives should be along soon," Tim said as he locked the door. "I just feel bad his parents decided to drive him across …

Robin (Vol. 2) #1 - "Confusion"

"This is the last one," Tim Drake said as he put the last box into the back of his father's SUV. "Felt like I had a hundred boxes to bring home."

"I lost count around thirty-seven," his father Jack Drake replied. "Come on and get in here. Dana will have dinner waiting for us." Tim laughed and climbed into the passenger seat. They had about forty-five minutes until they arrived back in Gotham from Brentwood Academy where Tim attended private high school.

"Dana and I have been thinking and we don't think having you at Brentwood is such a good idea anymore. You're grades aren't bad...but you haven't been excelling either."

Tim swallowed at the mention of grades, knowing full well that his activities as Robin kept him in bed more than in class. He had passed many classes by the skin of his teeth.

"Well, Dad, you know how it is...a new school, new surroundings, it took me awhile to adjust." He shifted in his seat. …

Robin (Vol. 1) #16 - "For The Love Of Money, Part Four: Truths Revealed"

Dana Drake had dreaded this from the moment she told him he could still do it. Still run around at all hours of the night in a crazy outfit beating up the bad guys. What kind of parent am I?

It was six thirty a.m. Her stepson, Tim a.k.a. Robin the Boy Wonder, had not returned home from his rounds in Gotham City the night before. Tim where are you? Her worst fear had come true: her stepson had to be laying somewhere in an alley. Dead.

As the first rays of sunlight came through his window, Thomas Jacobs stirred from his drunken rest. God...fucking liquor. He pulled himself to a sitting position and his hands went to his head, which was thumping with pain. As he reopened his eyes from the pain, he accessed his online bank account.

His Expo foray had paid huge dividends as his bank account tripled as he had anticipated. He had no sooner stood and lit a cigar when his office door flung open.

Expo entered the room, and Thomas could tell by the way his adrenaline glands were working he was still…