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Soon You’ll Understand: Reviewing B Hyphen’s Latest Album by Justin Umstead

You’d be hard pressed to find someone with a more diverse set of interests and hobbies than Kelen Conley (AKA B Hyphen). When he isn’t busy recording music, writing articles, or whipping up the latest episode of his favorite podcast, Hyphen finds his musical inspiration in everything from wrestling and movies to television shows and comics.

For his fans, B Hyphen’s unique blend of over-the-top braggadocio, pop culture references, and genuine passion for his projects have always been what sets him apart from cookie-cutter emcees who rap about so-called “safe subjects”. Hyphen’s lyrics have always been a very natural extension of his personality, with entertaining exaggerations from time to time to keep his hip-hop persona intact.

Nerd Fresh Ep.1: Cavs Vs Bulls NBA Tipoff

I'm a Bulls fan. E's a Cavs fan. Can we live together in perfect harmony? Or will we end up killing each other? Tune in every week for our new show, Best Of Enemies on NBC! Or just check out our thoughts on the Cavs/Bulls game to start the 2015-16 NBA season.B Hyphen (Bulls fan), and Monstalung (Cavs fan) of Morgantown WV discuss the upcoming season, their teams, and their predictions for the opening night game to start the NBA season! Nerd Fresh is an original I Love Morgantown WV Webseries.

#Thoro Podcast - Ep 4: Trust Me

This is what your radio should sound like.

Talking Out The Dead: "First Time Again"

Thomas Crawford: I think I told you to start this, or maybe I was mistaken. You have had a crazy tough week so I'll stop being selfish and start us off.

Wow... we are starting the new season like this? All black and white. Well not all black and white, but at least half the time. I know a lot of people probably didn't like it. I did however. It felt like sort of an homage to the comics. Plus, people today don't appreciate the use of light and dark in film, so that is a plus.

Still Finding My Way

Finding The Right Look
I just want to have a good website.

I know I’m not going to be on the level of a popular site, like Grantland, or Deadspin, or Pajiba, or Cageside Seats (of SB Nation), or Young House Love, or even The Wonder Forest (a site I spent way too much time on trying to find ways to make better in my recent Blogger days). But I’m always fighting a constant battle with myself over the direction the site is headed.

The thing I keep forgetting is that no one is watching yet.

#Thoro Podcast - Ep 3: Let's Get It

This is what your radio should sound like.