24 April 2015

Trike Adventures - #06: To Hit Someone... Over Too Many Pickles?!(Guest: Natasha Stark... Sparks... whatever)

Dick Sugar and the gang are back for more Trike Adventures! Among this episode's topics: punching a cashier over too many pickles, bad roommates, how much would it take to sell your sex tape, donuts getting used the wrong way, a lady grounds a plane with her singing, Thomas uses the word bitch with affection, we give Rebecca Crane a call, the undiscovered world of audio porn, ...more porn talk, favorite series finales/deaths, Thomas tries to take the word bitch back, and we bring it all to a close with a tv theme sing-a-long. Trike Adventures. Longer. Vulgar. Stronger!

Trike Adventures - #06: To Hit Someone... Over Too Many Pickles?! (Guest: Natasha Stark... Sparks... whatever)

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