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Talking Out The Dead: “The Distance”

Talking Out The Dead: "Them"

Kelen: This episode should have been called “The Struggle”. I know we constantly joke about how readily available everything is to the group, from vehicles to gas to ammo (though you have a weird fascination with whether they have toilet paper or not), but no episode has gone to such lengths to show when the group are on their last legs. No food, no water, no hope; the next step would logically be death.

Reminders: Kanye West & Charlie Wilson - Bound 2 (Live)

Sometimes, it's nice to have reminders. For example, Kanye West has pretty much been written off as genius/asshole. He's judged more for ranting, running into signs, and dealing with the attention that comes with being the second Mr. Kim Kardashian and North's dad.

The thing to remember is that Kanye still makes music. And while Yeezus may not have lit the world on fire like he hoped, it's still a damn good record that sounds nothing like anyone else's record.

I fell in love with "Bound 2" from the moment I heard it, then lost a little respect for it after the video came out. To see "Bound 2" in its best form, you need to turn back to the day that Kanye and Charlie Wilson showed up for Late Night with Jimmy Fallon last year. Remember how Ye and Charlie and The Roots came together to bring Yeezus' final track to life and forget all the other crap you associate with Kanye West.

Just watch, listen, and be inspired. Music like this is the reason wh…

DOPE: Drake - Jungle

I can't say it gives you any insight into If You're Reading This, It's Too Late, but it has some dope visuals and you may get something from it. As long as no Childish Gambino theories start coming up. That man can't tweet a word without it having 17 meanings according to his subreddit.

DRAKE ~ JUNGLE from October's Very Own on Vimeo.

Song Of The Moment: Wale - 88

I recently bestowed Wale's The Gifted with a MVP Award and songs like these are the reason. For the life of me (I cannot remember... if you don't know it, look it up), this track has been on loop in my head for days and it will not stop. With Michael Jordan's 52nd birthday passing yesterday, it's only right to honor the man with a song inspired by him.

If You're Into Podcasts: ArtsReview's - Derrick Ferguson Talks Dillonand Lots More

Derrick Ferguson is one of the best fiction writers that you're not reading right now. You can fix that by checking out his Amazon page. Here's his sitdown with Art Sippo.Premier writer Derrick Ferguson comes on the show to talk about his adventure hero Dillon and lots of other things! He lets us know what is coming and gives some exclusive revelations. Join us for a rollicking interview!ArtsReview's - Derrick Ferguson Talks Dillon and Lots More

Talking Out The Dead: “What Happened and What’s Going On”

Kelen: Every single time.

Every single time I worry that the show may be getting too comfortable, this happens. Last time I felt this way was before “The Grove” aired and we all know how that turned out. I was all settled in for an emotional episode dealing with the fallout from Beth’s death, which was where we left Rick and the Daryls after the midseason finale. Instead, we got what I like to call “Tyreese and the bad trip that ended with him DYING”. And I thought of that before it was mentioned on Talking Dead by the way.

If You're Into Podcasts: Art Of Wrestling - Episodes 226 & 227: CM Punk

So you may have heard about some guy named CM Punk walking out on some professional wrestling company. Well, well-renowned podcaster (and apparently, a pro wrestler as well) Colt Cabana got CM Punk on his podcast to tell his side of the story. And for a story about pro wrestling, it's pretty darn good, I'll tell you what.

But real talk, so glad Punk broke his silence.

Guest Appearances: Better In The Dark - Episode #140: The Swave Riddle of the Purple Curse

In honor of Prince doing things only Prince can do at the Grammys this past weekend, here's an episode of Better In The Dark where Derrick, Thomas, and I talk about Prince movies! And invent: THE SWAVE.
The Boys Outta Brooklyn once more reunite with their Musical Director, Kelen “B-Hyphen” Conley, to examine the very peculiar, very short movie career of one Anthony Rodgers Nelson, AKA Prince! From the seminal 80s musical opus Purple Rain to the incomprehensibly bad Graffiti Bridge (a film one of us says is the worst he’s ever seen), the Boys Outta Brooklyn look at it all. Expect more Morris Day love than one podcast can bear, more catchphrases than any other episode of BITD, and the birth of The Swave! You know we will die for you, so get to clicking!

Song Of The Moment: Kanye West - Welcome To Heartbreak (Feat. Kid Cudi)

I feel like I was at Sheetz the other day when this song came into my head. I'm still amazed at how much I loved 808s & Heartbreak, mostly because I was so angry when the first version of "Love Lockdown" came out. And I quote:Why Kanye why? Worst. Kanye. Song. Ever. Take this shit. It's not going on my fucking iPod. Okay, maybe, but fuck this song. Forreals.

This is definitely a get more traffic post. Sue me. No, matter of fact sue Kanye for this bullshit ass song.Yeah. I was sold by the time I heard this and "Say You Will". And the final version of "Love Lockdown" was much better than the one I wrote this post about for Hip-Hop Manifesto when Chiv and I still had a blog.

I promise this isn't a get more traffic post now though!

Song Of The Moment: Big Sean - It's Time (Feat. Jeezy & Payroll)

Big Sean's second album Hall Of Fame barely sold 100,000 copies. And it got trashed for not having "Control" on it. Throw those two things out the window, and you still have a high quality album. The thing that's most evident is Sean's growth as an artist, and while that may have hurt his sales, the passion that made Finally Famous: The Album such a favorite hasn't faded. His recent success leading into Dark Sky Paradise is no surprise to me at all.

Now listen to Sean, Jeezy, and Payroll murder this Key Wane production. Thanks.

MVP Award: New Edition - Heart Break

This album turns 27 years old in June. It's only 5 years younger than me. And yet, when I listened to it again for the first time in years back in 2008, I couldn't get enough of it. One iPod later and I still find myself going back to Heart Break when I don't know what to listen to. Why? Because Heart Break delivers.

Song Of The Moment: Justin Timberlake - Tunnel Vision (NSFW)

I had The 20/20 Experience Part 1 on repeat for at least a month when I got it in 2013. And "Tunnel Vision" was one of the reasons why. Songs like these are the reason Justin is so comfortable working with Timbaland only. With chemistry like this, who needs other producers?

Monstalung Da Brand - "Morgantown MCs 2014" (Feat. Ace Beanz, YoungThack, Johnny Harmonic, Sinclair, JRizz, CFX, Mischievious, B Hyphen & DJ Dollar) (2014)

There are no weak verses. Real rhymes. Ill beat. Hip-Hop.

Predicting Super Bowl XLIX

Kelen: 2-0 (5-5)
Anthony: 1-1 (7-3)Kelen: There isn’t an NFL team that Tom Brady and the New England Patriots haven’t beaten at some point in their 15 seasons together, where said fan of the defeated team muttered these words:“I hate the New England Patriots.”Since taking over for Drew Bledsoe in 2001, Brady and the Pats have had more miracles than a televangelist (unless the Giants and/or Bernard Pollard are involved). My personal moment of this came in the 2001 AFC Divisional Playoffs, when the no longer valid tuck rule changed a Brady fumble into an incomplete pass that led to a playoff loss for my Raiders. Ever since then, I wished Brady would blow out his knee (he did in 2008) and/or the Patriots would lose when it counted the most. And I’ve been doing pretty well with those wishes since 2007.But I just have this feeling the Patriots are going to win this Super Bowl.Considering the fact their last two Super Bowl losses came down to Eli Manning and the Giants making huge plays when…