09 January 2015

DOPE: Why does today's WWE leave this lifelong fan feeling so negative?

Man, I love to bitch and moan about a lot of things in professional wrestling.

It’s almost as if I achieve joy through negativity. I enjoy enjoying stuff, but I love to criticize. I’ve been paid through the years both to speak the sludge and write the wrath. I try to use every opportunity to be positive, but last night, in the wake of what I thought was a dull and uninteresting three hours of WWE television, I sent out a few tweets from both my relevant accounts that had their share of zinger and hot take.

Then, I noticed a few tweets from the @cagesideseats handle that gave me a bit of pause. Geno Mrosko can certainly be negative, so can Sean Rueter, so can the rest of the staff, but usually nowhere close to as much as I’ve been recently, and not in any way more negative than the rest of the IWC, an acronym and a reality that I also despise. See, there I go again with the "half empty" view of things.

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