28 January 2015

Song Of The Moment: Bobby Brown - On Our Own

This is the greatest Bobby Brown song ever. "Every Little Step" is a close second, a damn close second. But this song was Bobby at the peak of his powers. A shame for his record sells that it ended up on the Ghostbusters II soundtrack.

Good Luck With That: Ghostbusters Reboot Casted

So just to recap, Heather and I casted Ghostbusters 3 way back in August. Lawrence/Stone/Watson/Larson/JGL/Dano/Plaza. Gold.

Heather texted me this link yesterday evening: http://consequenceofsound.net/2015/01/heres-the-cast-of-the-new-all-female-ghostbusters-film. Now it'll be a straight reboot and here's what we've got (via Rolling Stone):
Just three months after it was announced that Bridesmaid director Paul Feig would reboot the Ghostbusters series with an all-female cast, the four actresses who will don the proton packs have been revealed: Kristen Wiig, Melissa McCarthy and current Saturday Night Live stars Kate McKinnon and Leslie Jones. Feig tweeted his Ghostbusters casting news Tuesday night along with the film's scheduled release date: July 22nd, 2016.
So basically Bridesmaids & Proton Packs. It'll probably be funny, but it won't be what it could've been.

Good luck with that.

Cook It In The Kitchen: Crock Pot Steak Hoagies

I like to cook because as I've gotten older I've found it to be a pretty relaxing hobby. I tackled crock pot steak hoagies for the second or third time recently.

  • Eye of Round Steak thin (4-6 pieces of steak)
    *This could honestly be any kind of steak, but the bigger and thicker, the longer you'll have to cook it.
  • 2 10-12 oz. bottles of steak sauce
    *I went with the Kroger brand but if you want to splurge on A1 or something else, go for it.
  • Salt to taste
  • Pepper to taste
  • Seasoning salt to taste (I just coated the top of all the ingredients with each of these three)
  • 1 cup of water or beef broth
    *You can substitute the steak sauce for a container of beef broth if you'd like for a more cheesesteak like experience
  • 2 green peppers
    *My wife isn't huge on peppers but if you want different kinds, add away
  • 1 onion (optional)
    *My wife isn't big on onions either so I tried fried and raw onions and I found the raw ones to be the best.
  • 1/2-1 clove of garlic or 1/2 tsp-1 tbsp of minced garlic
  • Hoagie buns
  • Shredded or sliced cheese of your choice
I threw everything but the bun in the crock pot in the morning and cooked it on high for about 7 hours; mostly because I was home all day and I could stir it occasionally. If you want to set it on low and forget about it for about 8 to 10 hours, you should be fine. I was just wanting to get the steak as tender as possible.

I wouldn't recommend any condiments unless you really want them; the steak will be flavorful enough. I've been putting the raw onions on the bottom, the steak on top, and a sprinkling shredded cheese on top.

Be ready to make a mess too, if you manage to eat this cleanly, you didn't enjoy it enough.

26 January 2015

Today Marks the One Year Anniversary of CM Punk's Last WWE Match

Today Marks the One Year Anniversary of CM Punk's Last WWE Match
When Punk walked out of the WWE, that was the day he decided he was okay with not main eventing Mania and ending his WWE career. If he fulfilled the rest of his contract, who’s to say he would be able to walk away from the next deal WWE offered him? He wants to rent a car and drive across the country. He may want to try some MMA (I HIGHLY doubt we’ll see Punk in the UFC). We know now that he wants to actually give marriage a shot.
Heh. Don't I look like an idiot now? This is from my Promos By Hyphen column about Punk leaving last year, which you can read in its entirety below. And after the reaction in Philadelphia last night at the Rumble, it doesn't seem like the WWE are ready to make the fans any happier than we were in Pittsburgh last year.


It Came From YouTube: NBA All-Star Game Record - Glen Rice Scores 20 in a Quarter

So you may have heard of Klay Thompson catching fire (no Katniss) on Saturday and scoring 37 of his 52 points in the third quarter. Pretty amazing achievement. And where does this lead my mind? Back to the '97 All-Star Game, when Glen Rice scored 20 points in the third, on his way to a game high 26. And the All-Star MVP. And he broke Wilt Chamberlain's record in front of the guy. This is the stuff of legends, All-Star Game or not.

22 January 2015

The Marcus Allen Year (32)

Happy birthday to me.

DOPE: It's Still Real To Me

It's Still Real to Me from Errick Greenlee on Vimeo.

The Turriboys are a collective that does dope shit. I may have said too much. Here's their take on John Cena v. Brock Lesnar at SummerSlam 2014.

DOPE: ZEN PENCILS » 169. The Calling

I normally post the Zen Pencil pieces that stand out to me in The Dime Session Lite, but this one really hit home.


21 January 2015

DOPE: Glover’s Lane

DOPE: Glover’s Lane

On December 5, 2014, musician Childish Gambino was nominated for two Grammys, for his album Because the Internet (Best Rap Album) and song “3005” (Best Rap Performance). One week later, on December 12, FX ordered a pilot for actor Donald Glover’s comedy Atlanta. A month later, on January 13, the premiere date for the sixth — and “final” — season of Community was announced (March 17 on Yahoo Screen), without the character of Troy.

Amid all of this, I was dropped off by a cab at a house on a winding street in the hills of a neighborhood Google Maps calls Glassell Park in Northeast Los Angeles. Inside this house there was first a quiet dog and then three or four or six people, relaxing or recording music. Past them, a door, and past that door, an outside deck. On that deck, a table, and beyond that table, in the neighbor’s yard, a second dog that was not quiet.

At that table on the deck beyond the house on the hill off the winding street, Donald Glover and I sat and spoke. Twenty minutes in, I turned on the recorder. The second dog — the neighbor’s dog, the loud one — barked the entire time.

Rest @ Grantland

DOPE: Random Play

On July 5, 2013, my friends and I descended upon the streets of Morgantown for some bachelor party mayhem. After someone pushed a random girl into one of the pools at Rocktop (she was already swimming, I didn't think it was a big deal), we moved the party to Gibbie's. And this band was killing it. And no one bothered to get their name. BUT I FOUND THEM. They're back at Gibbie's February 7 and their name is Random Play. Check the video and check their site. YOU'RE ALL WELCOME.


15 January 2015

DOPE: The Best Rapper Alive, Every Year Since 1979

DOPE: The Best Rapper Alive, Every Year Since 1979
Rap fans—that is to say, people who are passionate and informed about the culture—tend to get into arguments with other rap fans. Debates are often sparked when one mischievous soul declaims their Favorite Rapper. Your favorite rapper is a personal preference, one that requires the most subjective defenses. If you’re rooting for the rookie of the year or a washed up veteran experiencing a career resurgence or someone no one has heard of as your favorite, then so be it. The choice is yours. (Got too many favorites to pick one? Here's a test: If you logged onto Complex.com and saw that three new singles from your three favorite rappers had just dropped, whomever's song you listened to first is your favorite rapper.)
Rest @ Complex

Song Of The Moment: The Game - Ice Cream 2003

It had to be sometime in 2004, but I was riding around Morgantown with Johnathan and this song came on. I had been hesitant to give The Game a shot but this freestyle got rid or any doubts. I mistakenly tried to find the song again years later, thinking it was a freestyle over Ja Rule's "New York", but today, I remembered it was Raekwon's "Ice Cream" and as usual, YouTube had my back.

DOPE: "Macho Man" Randy Savage to be Inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame(FINALLY!)

At long last, WWE got the right thing done and are inducting Randy Savage into the Hall of Fame. I may have been a Hogan fan first as a kid, but Macho Man was right behind him. And I can honestly say that I enjoyed Randy more in WCW than Hogan since he actually wrestled more when healthy. A long overdue, great honor for a great, great man (Trademark BITD).

14 January 2015

Song Of The Moment: Childish Gambino - Sober + Kimmel Performance

Song Of The Moment: Childish Gambino - Sober + Kimmel Performance

Childish is on the brink. I know he does a lot of shows and he has a huge fanbase and he's already well known for his comedy and acting but I really feel like my wife will know who Childish Gambino is soon. That's when you made it folks, once she knows who you are.

DOPE: Comicstorian

DOPE: Comicstorian

I love YouTube. I stumbled across the Comicstorian channel by complete mistake and it's the greatest thing ever. Don't have time to read comics any more? Need a quick recap of a long, complex storyline? Hate comics, but love dramatic readings? This is the channel for you. Press subscribe. 'Nuff said!

13 January 2015

DOPE: The Second Avengers: Age Of Ultron Trailer

Avengers: Age Of Ultron

Sorry in advance. I might have to take my by-then 1 year old daughter to opening night of this just so she can tell everyone that she saw this in the theaters.

UPDATE: I left my daughter but I went with Johnny and Regal Cinemas in Morgantown screwed us out of seeing it in 3D. A shame.

MVP Award: Wale - The Gifted

MVP Award: Wale - The Gifted

I've been trying to come up with a cool name to honor stuff I love. I was really leaning towards Hyphenated Classic, but classic has been overused so much that it's lost its specialness. Classic to me means Five Mics in The Source, so I went searching for a different name. I was this close to going with the Rock N Jock MVP Award after my beloved defunct Rock N Jock baseball and basketball of MTV, but it still didn't feel right.

But MVP Award does. Not for Most Valuable Player, but for Most Valuable Production. See, a production could be all kinds of things, and thus we arrive here, with Wale's The Gifted.

What makes a Most Valuable Production for me is its replay value, whether that be a movie (Shawshank), a video game (Chrono Trigger currently), or in this case, an album. Having come out the same summer as Magna Carta... Holy Grail, Yeezus, and Born Sinner, Wale's third album was lost in the shuffle, so much so that he called up Complex's offices and left a threatening voicemail when The Gifted wasn't listed as one of the year's best albums. He had good reason to be mad; The Gifted is still one of the best albums to be released since 2013.

While Attention Deficit was too all over the place and Ambition was too Maybach Music for some, The Gifted finds Wale in a comfort zone. He's able to go pop with "LoveHate Thing" and "Clappers". He's able to bring in one of the hottest artists in music (Rihanna) for a remix of "Bad". He can go get the Just Blaze feature for "88". He can trade bars with Meek Mill on "Heaven's Afternoon". And that's The Gifted's best feature: there's nothing Wale can't do on this album. While the Ne-Yo & Rick Ross assisted "Tired Of Dreaming" may be the only misstep, it's not so glaringly obvious that you're reaching for the next track button.

As he prepares to release The Album About Nothing, I can only hope that it lives up to what he was able to do with The Gifted. Maybe it will go over everyone's heads; maybe everyone will proclaim it his crowning achievement. But I know that when I need a go-to album that I'm going to love every second of, The Gifted is where you'll find me.


09 January 2015

DOPE: Why does today's WWE leave this lifelong fan feeling so negative?

Man, I love to bitch and moan about a lot of things in professional wrestling.

It’s almost as if I achieve joy through negativity. I enjoy enjoying stuff, but I love to criticize. I’ve been paid through the years both to speak the sludge and write the wrath. I try to use every opportunity to be positive, but last night, in the wake of what I thought was a dull and uninteresting three hours of WWE television, I sent out a few tweets from both my relevant accounts that had their share of zinger and hot take.

Then, I noticed a few tweets from the @cagesideseats handle that gave me a bit of pause. Geno Mrosko can certainly be negative, so can Sean Rueter, so can the rest of the staff, but usually nowhere close to as much as I’ve been recently, and not in any way more negative than the rest of the IWC, an acronym and a reality that I also despise. See, there I go again with the "half empty" view of things.

07 January 2015

Recommended: Monstalung The Brand

It took some doing, but I managed to get this gem of an album working on Bandcamp again. More than a compilation album, this features every major Soundvizion artist that they had in 2010 and it doesn't disappoint. Come for "Fresh Like Dougie" but stay for "Last Night Drinkin" and "Supathug".

Favorites: "Fresh Like Dougie", "Last Night Drinkin", "Love Of My Life", "Supathug", "Until", "What It Is".


Rush Reviews: Joe Budden - Some Love Lost

I sent Chiv a text a while back along the lines of "Joe Budden fell off" after listening to his No Love Lost album. Our Mood Muzik champion had attempted to cash in on his Love & Hip-Hop appearances and I wasn't happy. His work with Sluaghterhouse wasn't much better.

I went into Some Love Lost cautiously and rightfully so; Joey has pretty much perfected what I'll call "Tahiry Raps" as most of the content is centered around failed romances and misunderstandings. Where his pain was his greatest asset, it's now become his biggest flaw. Once I set that aside though, Some Love Lost is full of great Mood-y era bars and is a nice bounce back from No Love Lost. Probably a better non-sober listen, unless you're Joe. Keep him in the strip clubs and with a hookah, he'll be fine.

I paired this up with the tracks he released under the #SomeLove tag, which makes it much more refreshing.


#SomeLove tracks: "Nothing Changes", "Devil In My Room", "Make A Deal", "Dream On", "I Might Need More Than 16 Tho"

Song Of The Moment: Nas - Undying Love

If you've never heard a story rap, or even aren't a fan of story raps, listen to this. I first heard this in 1999 and it was in my head this morning as I was digging through the fridge for lunch. Listen.

06 January 2015

Talking Out The Dead: "Coda"

Kelen Conley: All good things must come to an end I suppose as “Coda” is proof that nothing is sacred other than Rick, Judith, Carl, Michonne, Daryl, and at this point, Carol.

05 January 2015

Song Of The Moment: Luther Vandross - Never Too Much

It's Monday. Let Luther remind you that it's not so bad.

Fantasy Football CHAMPION

I've been playing fantasy sports off and on since I got a computer in 2000 but since 2007 I've played in the same fantasy football league every season. A few years back, we started throwing money into the equation and I was either almost good enough (2012) or plain awful (2013). I won it all in 2007 thanks to owning Tom Brady but since then I finished 4th, 5th, 8th, 7th, 2nd and 9th but this season... it finally came together for me and I won! I won all the money! I get the trophy! I won, I won, I won!

Now to get that third championship...

Song Of The Moment: Jhene Aiko - Higher

I finally started listening to Jhene Aiko's entire discography with Sailing Soul(s) and was not disappointed. For a project that was 3+ years old by the time I got to it, it holds up very well. I have several favorites off of there ("July" featuring Drake displaying a So Far Gone flow is a standout) but this is the one that was on repeat a few days ago. No not smoking allowed.

03 January 2015

Predicting the 2014 NFL Playoffs: Wild Card Round

Predicting the 2014 NFL Playoffs: Wild Card Round

As always, using these picks to bet with is an idea that we take no responsibility for.

Saturday Games