18 November 2014

DOPE: A Review of The Greeks Restaurant and Cafe

DOPE: A Review of The Greeks Restaurant and Cafe

I had a nice talk with Demetrius the owner/chef of ‘The Greeks’ today which I thought I’d share alongside some info about their food.

Demetrius is from Greece and went to culinary school there. He’s traveled around the world and has been a chef at several five star hotels. However (I’m guessing because of how things have been in Greece the past few years but Demetrius did not say why), he ended up working as a bridge painter with his father. This was decent work but did not lend itself to raising a family. Family friends let him know that they were building a new apartment with store fronts in Morgantown, WV. At the time, he did not even know where Morgantown was located. It was his dream to open a Greek restaurant of his own, so he got some business partners together and moved to town. It took him two years to get everything ready but he recently felt comfortable enough to open the doors of The Greeks to the public. Most of the delay was attributed to the contractors of the building, so Demetrius resorted to doing a lot of the work like painting and drywall himself.

Rest located @ I Love Morgantown WV

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