23 October 2014

Song Of The Moment: Drake - Draft Day

Song Of The Moment: Drake - Draft Day

The best thing about Song Of The Moment posts are how here and now they are. I've had Drake's "Draft Day" on my iPod for months and I thought it was a good song. But recently, I've been playing it to death.

It works on so many levels, from the Lauryn Hill sample, to the shots at Jay, to the catchy cadence of "Draft day, Johnny Manziel". My wife is sick of that one. Maybe that it's one long rhyme is the only reason "0 to 100 (The Catch Up)" gets more love.

The fact that some of favorite Drake records are records where he just goes in and drops a massive amount of bars may have something to do with it as well. "Lord Knows" is my joint too.

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