24 October 2014

It Came From YouTube: Lex Luger vs. Hollywood Hogan

I was watching The Monday Night War last night and it was about Goldberg and his run in WCW. They spent a large amount of time talking about the Nitro when Goldberg beat Hogan for the World Heavyweight Championship and it reminded me of another time Hogan lost the Strap on Nitro.

In 1997, Lex Luger and Hogan faced off and even after rewatching the video, it was a good match. Luger shakes off a Big Boot and the Atomic Leg Drop, then dodges all of the nWo attacks before putting Hogan into the Torture Rack. This isn't great wrestling by any means, just great storytelling. Luger was the first person to beat Hogan for the Belt since the nWo formed and it was a big deal. It was a shame he would drop the Title back to Hogan just 5 days later.

This is the last few minutes of the match, this is all you really need.

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