03 October 2014

If You're Into Podcasts: Girl on Guy 84: Kevin Smith

If You're Into Podcasts: Girl on Guy 84: Kevin Smith

I've been hearing about how good Aisha Tyler's Girl On Guy podcast is for years now. When I couldn't find anything good to listen to on the Grantland Podcast YouTube channel, I decided to give Aisha a chance finally.

She's up to episode 152 of the show now, so she's had guests from all over the entertainment world, but I didn't pick an episode until I saw my homeboy Kev Smith. I eventually plan on a post about my love for Kevin Smith, but just know that anything that guy does, I support it 200%.

This is a few years ago, so this is right around the time Kevin started S.I.R. and had planned on quitting movies for good. Aisha leaves no stone unturned however, and this podcast is one not to be missed.

And this is Part 2 of their podcast together, I haven't even checked out Part 1 (aka Smodcast #244: Girl On Guy).

And the full thing is on YouTube. You're welcome.

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