11 September 2014

Robin #6-12 bka the Stephanie Brown Robin Issues

the Stephanie Brown Robin Issues: Stephanie Brown

I have no recollection about why I wanted to share these issues of my 2001-2004 Robin fanfiction. I just last remember listening to the Cheap Heat podcast and thinking this would be a good idea.

So in the first major storyline of the series, Robin (Tim Drake) took on an adversary known as The Student. The Student was revealed to be The Riddler in disguise and after Tim and Nightwing narrowly let Riddler escape, Batman was pissed. He fired Tim as Robin and made The Spoiler (Stephanie Brown) his replacement.

I really want to note that I beat DC to making Stephanie Robin by at least a year and a half. So they stole my idea and didn't give me credit. What can you do?

Here's all of Steph's Robin appearances during the series. Apologies for errors, I wrote these more than 10 years ago, so they're not perfect.

#7 (Written by David Gibson for an event we called Hypertime Month at DCA. I credit this issue for helping me get a feel of Steph's character for the rest of her Robin run.)

I highly recommend issue #10. The fight takes place in the mall and it's pretty awesome. But again, I love everything I do.

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