18 September 2014

HY Draws!: Some Nonsense on a Calendar

I started drawing a comic strip called Nonsense the first time I worked at Teletech. Teletech is a call center that takes calls from Bank of America customers and when there wasn't calls, I'd try to knock out at least two a day. I have 3 or 4 sketch pads filled with the strips and I even had some of the first ones online at some point.

My coworker is on vacation this week, so I decided her desk calendar was the perfect place for a revival. If I had the time, I wouldn't mind doing a webcomic about them. A rundown of who everyone is:
  • Panel 1: Filton - I created Filton way back in 6th grade for a comic strip I did for the school newspaper. He's the normal talking cat that everything bad happens to.
  • Panel 2: Jake - Jake also debuted with Filton and is (supposedly) his best friend. He's the ridiculous talking cat that everything awesome (usually) happens to.
  • Panel 3: Bizmarkie - Biz may be my earliest original creation. I even stuck a Malcolm X hat on him just to date him a bit. He's the coolest character in the comic strip and he has a lightsaber (or for legal reasons, litesabre).
  • Panel 4: Bravo and Chris - These two are brothers. Bravo eats everything and can only say Bravo while Chris is a nerdy gamer who corrects everyone and nobody likes. Bravo ate Chris once.
  • Panel 5: Stick - Let's cut to the chase, Stick's a crackhead. While he may be the most intelligent cast member of Nonsense, he still smokes crack, so the phrase "you can never trust a crackhead" is thrown about often.
  • Panel 6: Altoid - He's the villain of the comic strip but the worst thing he's done is tell a bad joke. I think he killed the whole cast once though.

Now technically, I forgot 2 (three) cast members. Thug (pictured to the left from his appearance in A Rusty Life), a kid who is your stereotypical drug dealer/bully from the hood, except white. Matt and I once had a whole children's book series planned out for him. There's also Leon, a tall black man with a larger afro who spends most of his time complaining. In Leon's hair, there's Afro Pick, who went on a few adventures himself.

I really need to go back and reread these things.

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