29 August 2014

Song Of The Moment - Antoine Dodson & The Gregory Brothers - Bed Intruder Song

It started with revisiting Latarian Milton. Then I went to the Apparently Kid, which naturally led to his song. I even checked out Double Rainbow after I looked at the song this post is titled after.

But I'll be damned if the "Bed Intruder Song" doesn't sound as catchy as the day it was uploaded 4 years ago.

I just erased a paragraph trying to make a point of how a black man was exploited for laughs and how things in Ferguson makes this video more difficult to watch. But it doesn't for me. Maybe I'm an insensitive asshole but what happened/is happening in Ferguson is totally different from a dude warning everyone watching the news to hide everybody from a possible serial rapist.

Laugh people. Everything is going to be okay. We gon' find you.

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