21 July 2014

It Came From YouTube: Bulls @ Celtics March 31, 1991

One of the best Christmas gifts I ever received was The Jordan Rules by Chicago Tribune writer Sam Smith. Smith detailed the Bulls' 1990-91 season, the first one to end with a championship. When the book came out in the fall of 1991, it made Smith a villain in Chicago, but it's a great book that covers not only Michael Jordan but even the last man on the bench like Dennis Hopson.

One of my favorite parts of the book is when Sam details a March 1991 visit the Bulls took to Boston Garden. As Larry Bird's career winded down, he would have this moments where he would practically will himself to be his great former self. This day would be no different. I'm pretty sure this came through my Recommendations, and it's one of those times that it's scary how well YouTube knows you. You can also see what a monster Reggie Lewis was about to become as well, another example of the horrible luck the C's had after their 1986 title.

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