09 July 2014

I Love Morgantown WV

So one of my best friends Eric Jordan has become addicted to buying domain names. A weird addiction but there's way worse things he could be doing with his time. He hit me up one day like he always does when a concept strikes him:

"Hyphen, I got an idea."

He went on to explain the concept of ILoveMorgantownWV.com. In his many web travels, he became a fan of WVU's website, mostly because of the great stories around the university that it told. As a longtime Morgantown resident, he's seen and heard plenty of stories that didn't have a voice because they weren't university related. He wanted ILMWV.com to cover everything that WVU didn't.

I was initially supposed to design the site, but with Aaliyah's birth drawing near, E enlisted DJ Arthurking to come up with something. And I have to say, it's probably the best site design that I've seen that I didn't have a hand in.

But the real star is the stories. E has been all around Morgantown, meeting new people, filming different things, just...really getting down to the essence of Morgantown. My job is to maintain the day-to-day of the site (updates, small fixes) and to edit E's posts. But he has some really concrete, amazing material on the site already, and it's only launched in May.

I already feel like this is the best site I've ever been a part of. So, even if you've never been to Morgantown or don't plan on ever visiting, take the time to check out some of its stories. You won't be sorry.


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