30 July 2014

I Acquired Art: Squared Circle of the Universe @errdaytrapqueen

I was browsing through The 'Gram (can I call Instagram that or no?) the other day and I saw this piece of artwork come across my feed that was made by my old U92 friend Nicole.

Knowing that it must be mine, I asked how much she would want for it if she was willing to sell it. She initially offered it up for free for Aaliyah but I don't think Angel would like a wrestling ring in the middle of our under the sea nursery. After some haggling (on her part, lol) she told me I could have it for free anyway.

She spent 2+ hours on it and still refused money when I met her to get it but as you can see, it's fucking beautiful. If this came out this well, I can only imagine what other pieces she has stashed around her house.

Thanks again Nicole!

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