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Absinthe & Steam Now Available

Gunfighter Gothic, Volume 2
Absinthe & Steam
Atomic Anxiety Press, July 2014
Created and Written by Mark Bousquet
Available in Paperback and for the KindleThe latest collection of Gunfighter Gothic stories is now available. Fresh from their battle at the haunted Kraken Moor, Hanna and Jill are back for more investigations into the dangerously weird and weirdly dangerous. Continue Reading »

I Acquired Art: Squared Circle of the Universe @errdaytrapqueen

I was browsing through The 'Gram (can I call Instagram that or no?) the other day and I saw this piece of artwork come across my feed that was made by my old U92 friend Nicole.

Knowing that it must be mine, I asked how much she would want for it if she was willing to sell it. She initially offered it up for free for Aaliyah but I don't think Angel would like a wrestling ring in the middle of our under the sea nursery. After some haggling (on her part, lol) she told me I could have it for free anyway.

She spent 2+ hours on it and still refused money when I met her to get it but as you can see, it's fucking beautiful. If this came out this well, I can only imagine what other pieces she has stashed around her house.

Thanks again Nicole!

Song Of The Moment: J. Cole - Is She Gon Pop

I've been bumping J. Cole's Born Sinner consistently since last June. I really didn't give Truly Yours 3 any burn until recently, when my iPod adapter for my car died again. I think any of the five Truly Yours 3 tracks could have made the official album, but this one right here is TRULY special. See what I did there?

Undiscovered Country: Ground Up - Let's Ride

Another gem from my listening session with E, this one comes from Philly's Ground Up. It should be on every radio station around because it's definitely a summer banger for sure. Get the single from iTunes.

Undiscovered Country: Mike Millz - Million Little Diamonds

I went to E's for the first time in a month and he was going through some new music he had been sent. This was one of the emails.

This song is featured on his album M3.

Talking Out The Dead: "A"

Kelen Conley: So the gang’s all back together at Terminus but is it really the sanctuary that all those signs claimed it to be? Is Daryl running from his friends in the picture above or is he running with them? Who got told to look at the flowers in this Season 4 finale?SPOILERS.

I Said It First: Jennifer Lawrence + Emma Stone = Comedy Gold

As I do almost every morning at work, I was emailing Heather. I mentioned recently seeing Crazy Stupid Love and she replied with this:
Emma Stone is a G-D American gem.
I couldn't argue with that logic and after she mentioned Stone's appearances on Andrew Garfield's SNL episode, I had a brainstorm: Jennifer Lawrence and Stone NEED to be the next great comedy team.

Now, while all of you scurry off to your typewriters and whatnot, I decided to throw out a list of films that they could remake while new material was being written. Hell, they could write their own films in between these films. All the better. Without further ado:Bad Boys.48 Hours.Step Brothers.Men In BlackTalledega Nights.Back To The Future.Ghostbusters. (Lawrence. Stone. Cohan. Caplan.)The Blues Brothers.And for your consideration...SHAWSHANK.Heather talked me off the Shawshank ledge. While I think they could pull it off, maybe that's one classic they could leave alone. So instead, they could just remake the …

It Came From YouTube: Bulls @ Celtics March 31, 1991

One of the best Christmas gifts I ever received was The Jordan Rules by Chicago Tribune writer Sam Smith. Smith detailed the Bulls' 1990-91 season, the first one to end with a championship. When the book came out in the fall of 1991, it made Smith a villain in Chicago, but it's a great book that covers not only Michael Jordan but even the last man on the bench like Dennis Hopson.

One of my favorite parts of the book is when Sam details a March 1991 visit the Bulls took to Boston Garden. As Larry Bird's career winded down, he would have this moments where he would practically will himself to be his great former self. This day would be no different. I'm pretty sure this came through my Recommendations, and it's one of those times that it's scary how well YouTube knows you. You can also see what a monster Reggie Lewis was about to become as well, another example of the horrible luck the C's had after their 1986 title.

The Promos By Hyphen 2014 WWE Year End Awards

Last year, I introduced the concept of the WWE season, running from the Raw after WrestleMania until the curtain closes on the next year’s WrestleMania. These awards reflect upon the events that took place during the 2013-14 WWE season.

This season was filled with highs (the eventual crowning of Daniel Bryan), lows (the Royal Rumble, CM Punk walking out), and everything in between. Considering that this column should have been done in April, I’m not going to waste anymore time and get right into the Awards.

Best Championship: Tag Team Championships

A shocker to begin things? You’re damn right. Being the Best Championship isn’t about being the most prestigious in the company, it’s about what Belt had the best matches and stories associated with it. The Tag Team Titles started out slow with the tail end of Team Hell No’s reign (I’m not a fan of comedy tag teams holding the Belts forever. They went 245 days!) but business quickly picked up once Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins of The Shield be…

Gunfighter Gothic: Absinthe & Steam Cover Reveal

Cover reveal for Mark Bousquet's Gunfighter Gothic v2: Absinthe & Steam, available shortly from Atomic Anxiety Press.

Please check out for more information.

Song Of The Moment: Ja Rule - Murda 4 Life (Feat. Memphis Bleek)

Venni Vetti Vecci does not get enough credit. Coming Of Age was okay but when it came out, I was such a Bleek fan that I bumped my edited disc purchased from K-Mart relentlessly.

Their collaboration "Murda 4 Life" has been stuck in my head for a few days now. Ja's verses are flawless. Bleek's are...shaky, but you have to love his energy.

Monstalung Da Brand - Morgantown MCs 2014 (Feat. Ace Beanz, YoungThack, Johnny Harmonic, Sinclair, JRizz, CFX, Mischievious, B Hyphen &DJ Dollar)

Posted this before, but the homie Thack included it on his new EP with Monstalung. So one, make sure you listen and get yourself a copy of their free The Wing Chun Compositions EP. Two, check out this song again if you haven't already.

And because I love these guys, here's the video for the first single "Aw Ready".


I watched this three times yesterday. I watched the rest of the videos on his channel and then this one again this morning.


Talking Out The Dead: “Us”

Thomas Crawford:   I honestly wasn’t sure I liked this episode in the beginning.  After watching it once through, I was thinking, it was okay.  However, “The Grove” still has some lingering side effects.  In comparison, this episode seemed lackluster.  However…SPOILERS.

I Love Morgantown WV

So one of my best friends Eric Jordan has become addicted to buying domain names. A weird addiction but there's way worse things he could be doing with his time. He hit me up one day like he always does when a concept strikes him:

"Hyphen, I got an idea."

Nocturne Travel Agency Podcast - Episode #5: Josh Reynolds

In this episode, Tom takes on a dangerous mission to the moon, a mission that no sane man would take, to confront one Josh Reynolds! These two titans will battle it out for the sake of mankind's fate, and one will die! There might be some book talk in there somewhere too.

Promos By Hyphen: Is This The End? (Fallout)

I decided after Money In The Bank that it was time that I stopped supporting the current WWE product. Last Monday, I was in a state of, not anger, but definitely apathy. I deleted the WWE App from my phone. I made sure my WWE Network subscription wouldn’t auto-renew come September. I started unfollowing WWE-ran accounts on my Twitter and unliked some pages on Facebook. I even unfollowed a wrestling site that I’ve relied on for news since 2008.

Promos By Hyphen: Is This The End?

Sorry I haven’t written. I started my annual WWE Year End Awards column but it’s sat unfinished for a month or so. I hope to have it done before next month’s Battleground PPV. But what I’m really here for is to not complain about a man I once praised, but the product in general.