10 June 2014

Song Of The Moment: Meek Mill - Dreams And Nightmares

I put listening to Meek Mill's debut album off for awhile. I didn't really become a fan until he linked up with MMG, but even his Dreamchasers mixtapes never grabbed me unless it was one of the singles. I always felt he worked best as a guest artist.

When I finally listened to Dreams And Nightmares, it wasn't as bad as I thought. It definitely had it's repetitive moments but nothing that made me not want to leave the album on my iPod. The gem of the LP is the intro through. It's the consummate Meek track, starting with matter of fact rhymes over piano keys, before it morphs into a monster anthem that makes you want to fight Mike Tyson in his prime...and maybe win.

What I've learned from this is I really need to start trusting more opinions on new rap music instead of being such a snob. Or start getting around to new music in a timely fashion.

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