27 March 2014

The Sixth SYU Review @mark_bousquet

The Sixth SYU Review @mark_bousquet

Instead, most of the time that I thought I’d spend listening to ABOUT TIME, I’ve actually spent listening to Soon You’ll Understand, an album released this past week by pal, Kelen Conley. (Download it here.) I love it when my friends are creative, and I doubly love it when they create something I’d like even if I didn’t know them. Many of the tracks on the album are a better fit for my head than anything else spinning around these days. SYU is contemplative, but it’s also fun and combative, full of as much ego as self-awareness. While a film like ABOUT TIME can hit me in the center of all my emotional concerns (all the things I don’t have and all the experiences I’ve never had), Hyphen’s album connects better with the chaos in my head.

Source: Atomic Anxiety

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