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The Sixth SYU Review @mark_bousquet

Instead, most of the time that I thought I’d spend listening to ABOUT TIME, I’ve actually spent listening to Soon You’ll Understand, an album released this past week by pal, Kelen Conley. (Download it here.) I love it when my friends are creative, and I doubly love it when they create something I’d like even if I didn’t know them. Many of the tracks on the album are a better fit for my head than anything else spinning around these days. SYU is contemplative, but it’s also fun and combative, full of as much ego as self-awareness. While a film like ABOUT TIME can hit me in the center of all my emotional concerns (all the things I don’t have and all the experiences I’ve never had), Hyphen’s album connects better with the chaos in my head.

Source: Atomic Anxiety

The Fifth SYU Review @LegalLiez

Guest Appearances: C. M. Jew Wrestling Reviews #4 “WWE Wrestlemania 1″

CM Jew (Thomas Matis) was nice enough and had the patience to track me down for a podcast about the first Show of Shows, WrestleMania I!Hey there my wrestling fans and welcome to a brand new pipe bomb of C.M. Jew Wrestling Reviews! On this episode we go back to where the “Showcase of the Immortals” all began with Wrestlemania 1! And joining me for such an epic PPV is an equally epic guest from and the best damn rapper in West Virginia, Kelen Conley a.k.a. B Hyphen! So does the “Show of Shows” hold up to the “Test of Time”? Only one way to find out and that to tune in and remember, I’M THE BEST JEW IN THE WORLD!!

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Talking Out The Dead: "The Grove"

Kelen Conley: So this week’s episode features Carol/Tyreese/Krazy Lizzie/Mika/Walker Bait as they make their way to the many time aforementioned Terminus. It’s funny that I made a joke to Derrick about there being no interracial couples in the south during the apocalypse and then the show gives us Carol and Tyreese: She Clearly Wears The Pants! SPOILERS…

The Fourth SYU Review

My dad (pictured right) called me yesterday to tell me he really enjoyed the album and could tell I put a lot of time and effort into it. I made the clean version primarily so that he would listen to it as he's never been a fan of (my) music with cursing in it.

And he really likes "No Room For Squares". So much so that he had me cut out Kwame's bass part out because he felt it unnecessary. Sorry Kwames.

Thanks dad!

The Third SYU Review w/ Responses @ShowinmadLov

@bhyphen good job on the album, fam!! Your storytelling ability is pretty good! Why did you think this was your hardest project to make? (1)
— Marcos from Q St SE (@ShowinmadLov) March 18, 2014
@bhyphen also, in "Legacy" u question the purpose of makin music, but not blowin up. I like that later on u say "sharing my art my way" (2)
— Marcos from Q St SE (@ShowinmadLov) March 18, 2014
@bhyphen making art (whatever it is) is it's own reward. Keeping making music your way, have fun with it & be proud of your art, fam (3)
— Marcos from Q St SE (@ShowinmadLov) March 18, 2014
@bhyphen my favorite track: "Rewind" or "'Fit Jammin'". I can't pick lol (4)
— Marcos from Q St SE (@ShowinmadLov) March 18, 2014
// was the hardest project to make because it was my first album. I always found it easy to throw together 15 or so tracks and slap together mixtapes. Not to say that I didn't put effort into those but…

Talking Out The Dead: "Alone"


The Second SYU Review

Mark Bousquet @mark_bousquet

"SYU is a seriously good album. Be proud as heck of this album. I've been listening to it in heavy rotation since I downloaded it. So many different styles and approaches that come together beautifully. I love the storyteller bits like Rewind, and the reflective stuff like World Without. I think No Room is my fave track. But it's seriously all good. Congrats."

Talking Out the Dead: “Still”

Thomas Crawford: All in all, this was an amazing episode.  This had the most dramatic scenes since Carl stood over an unconscious Rick and told him he had failed them.  So, Beth wants to have a drink.  Not a drink of water, she wants her first drink of alcohol. SPOILERS…An episode which centered on finding some hooch, how could this one go wrong?  Seriously, the booze was just a bit of a side quest, the real focus being on Daryl and Beth as they struggle to survive outside the prison.Survive might not be the right word to use to describe the situation.  Let’s be honest, Daryl has had little trouble surviving in TWD universe.  The mixture of his outdoor skills, mental toughness, and ability to remain calm peg him as a man meant to survive.  The fact Beth is along for the trip with him, well, she is just really lucky.  If she and Daryl hadn’t gotten thrown together, she would most likely be walker food at this point.This episode was a twist because it only focused on these two character…

The First SYU Review

@bhyphen has the best booklet to his album. oh yeah the musics dope too

— christopher kelley (@CKelley304) March 7, 2014

Soon You'll Understand Teasers

On Sunday, I began tweeting out random pictures with various sayings on them. There were 10 of them and once all 10 were posted, I tried not to post anything else album related until SYU dropped on Wednesday.

The 10 phrases are quick, one sentence synopses of each song on the album. The first 5 are tracks 1-5 and the bottom row are tracks 6-10. I thought it was an interesting way to let people know something was going to happen soon, without putting out a concrete release date.

Which was supposed to be 3/4 but I missed it. Don't tell anyone.