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Talking Out The Dead: "Claimed"

Kelen Conley: Wowsers. What an episode. I know some people hate these character driven stories and just want to see walker walker smashy smashy run run all the time, but this was GOOD. No, Excellent. SPOILERS…

The SYU Diaries: Could It Be?

I made a lot of progress last week.

Promos By Hyphen: Deconstructing Randy Orton

As of February 20, 2014, Randy Orton has been your WWE Champion/WWE World Heavyweight Champion for 116 days. 144 days if you include the 28 days he was Champion before Daniel Bryan’s one day reign in September. Technically, he’s the longest reigning Champion since CM Punk’s (*sigh*) 434 days ended in January 2013. This Sunday, he will go into the Elimination Chamber at the PPV of the same name to face Christian, Cesaro, Sheamus, Daniel Bryan, and John Cena to defend his WWE World Heavyweight Championship (WWE WH). More than likely, this Monday will see Orton still holding both Belts proudly on Raw…but then something will happen to upset Randy and he’ll spend the rest of night whining and complaining to Triple H/Stephanie McMahon/Brad Maddox/Kane about how it’s not fair and that as the face of the WWE he doesn’t deserve the cruel punishment being brought upon him.

Talking Out The Dead: “Inmates”

Kelen Conley: I was a bit let down by this episode. After the character development heaviness that was last episode, to have everybody else forced into this episode kind of sucked. It was great in terms of moving the story along, which a lot of TWD detractors say never happens, but as a fan of the show, maybe I wanted more character development. SPOILERS…

The Howitzer & Buzz-Saw Show - Stinging Egos

Mike "the Buzz-saw" Asti welcomes a familiar opponent in the HBS ring. Kelen "B-Hyphen" Conley enters the sports talk Hell In A Cell. It's the ultimate heel vs face once again.

On this special wrestling talk edition, Mike and Kelen square off, as they discuss the controversy of CM Punk's WWE departure, Batista's immediate soar to the WrestleMania XXX's main event, the recent Royal Rumble (they were both in attendance), Daniel Bryan, the futures of the Wyatt Family and the Shield, and the newest members of the WWE Hall Of Fame.

Was CM Punk justified in leaving the company or did he turn on the people who made him? OR have we all been fooled and one of the greatest "works" in pro wrestling history is being planned?

Kelen expresses how he'd be using Daniel Bryan? Mike explains Batista's instant success is all about $moneyyyy$. Multiple possibilities for how the breakup of the Shield will go down and what the rise of Bray Wyatt might b…

Talking Out The Dead: "After"

So Thomas Crawford and I (Kelen Conley) are going to attempt to recap the rest of The Walking Dead (TWD) season 4 through this weekly back and forth entitled Talking Out The Dead. We’ll see how it goes. Spoilers…Kelen Conley: Something I’m noticing about TWD: When they do these character driven episodes, they’re either hit or miss. This episode was a huge hit for me. As much as I despised Carl for the first few seasons, tonight’s episode may have been the final turning point. Seeing Carl finally being able to take charge for at least half the episode was nice but the situation with the pudding walker was stupid. He just fought off three walkers the day before but he narrowly escapes one because he suddenly can’t hit the broad side of a barn? And also, pudding walker may qualify for the worst walker ever. We’ve seen other characters get their legs bit while they were putting up better struggles than Carl managed.Carl’s monologue to Rick was spot on though. I would blame Rick for everyt…

Promos By Hyphen: John Cena: Best For Business

This edition of Promos By Hyphen was written before the 2014 Royal Rumble.