19 December 2013

On the Morgantown, WV 300 Block Ordinance

It's done. I feel bad for Byrd because he'll have to move to a block with less customers. Apparently, the city council meeting Tuesday was only to listen to grievances. The meeting where we could have made a difference was a while ago. While I'm glad that people want to do benefit shows, protest, etc., I think the next best thing is to let things run their course so that hopefully in the future there can be an ordinance that will remove the 300 block vendor ban. Making Facebook groups just to bitch and point out things to city council that they'll never see isn't the answer or a constructive way to spend your time. Seeing how the original point has been slanted into a crusade by some of my friends sucks. I feel for Byrd but there's better ways to help.

In the future, I hope that action is taken before the night where a vote is taking place. If the word had been spread in an appropriate manner when the public's voices really counted, maybe Byrd wouldn't have to move on January 1. I consider this matter closed. Don't ask me to take it up any longer.

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