06 December 2013

On Brian Griffin

On Brian Griffin
I wrote this on Twitter after reading the Huff Post article I included in this week's Session. I just think people get pissy about the wrong things sometimes. Kind of like how Paul Walker has been included in multiple things saying how he was a hero along with Nelson Mandella. Wait, what?! It's a tragedy, but Walker isn't on Nelson's level. But I digress.
The Life Of Brian episode of Family Guy was one of the better ones I've seen in years. Of course moronic society wants him back though. I always thought McFarlane had a plan to bring him back; he's a cornerstone. But if they didn't and he returns just to appease people then Fox should start running a poll every week about what viewers want to see each week. @SethMacFarlane and crew are telling stories, they don't need your input on what to do with the show. They got where they are on their own merits; let them steer the vehicle.

I just get so sick of people whining about change. No, I take that back. Meaningless change. If they cut the minimum wage tomorrow, a quarter of the people who signed the Bring Brian Back petition would sign a minimum wage petition. #EndRant

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