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Nocturne Travel Agency Podcast – Episode #3: Ron Fortier

(Captain) Ron Fortier joins Tom in this soon to be classic episode! Ron speaks about his comic book beginnings, Brother Bones and Captain Hazzard, the New Pulp movement, the popularity of Sherlock Holmes, and a whole lotta inside info on Airship 27! Better press play now rather than later fearless listener!

The Big Holdup

I announced on August 28 that I'd be dropping the first single from Soon You'll Understand on September 2nd. This was the second time I had announced the single's release as I had originally planned to release it April 15 but decided to push it and the album back in favor of promoting The Mind's Mixtape volume 4.

The Eminem Theory

While watching the music video for “Berzerk” this morning, something occurred to me. A lot of the comments were screaming about “Slim Shady being back!” and “This is the Eminem we’ve been waiting for!”.

Promos By Hyphen: Meh! Meh! Meh!: How WWE & Randy & Bryan Dropped The Ball

In 1998, right after I started watching WWF/E again for the first time since Superstars on Saturday mornings, The Rock had just helped Vince McMahon screw Mankind out of the WWE Championship (this after McMahon spent considerable time positioning Foley to win the Deadly Game tournament). Previously, after a few gimmicks and struggles with the fans, The Rock had finally gotten over and was the WWF’s freshest face next to Stone Cold Steve Austin. As the People’s Champion, he was next in line to be Champ (after Austin) in the fans’ eyes. So for him to suddenly turn heel with the same method that made Bret Hart drop the Title the year before was a huge deal. From this, The Corporation stable was formed, and the faces, now Mankind and Stone Cold, had a legit heel Champion in The Rock that they could chase.

Face chases heel, that’s one of the oldest rules in wrestling. As awesome as it would’ve been for CM Punk to have stayed face for his entire 434 day run as WWE Champ, there’s no way you c…