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The Name Game

I've gone back and forth about my rap name for years. First it was B-Style, which stood for Basketball Style. Upon discovering there was a (Lil') C-Style, I decided to take the name of the way I spelled B-Style in some of my raps: B Hyphen S-T-Y-L-E. B Hyphen has been my name since but I've added several aliases: Hip-Hop's Last Hope, Seattle Slew, Martino Castro(nni), Hyphenated Spideyville, Flamez Omega, Vegeta, and most recently, H-Y McFly.

Promos By Hyphen: The Man Who Should Be King (and his Royal Court)

I missed most of Raw this week. It was mostly intentional but I turned it on in time to see the aftermath of the Brock Lesnar/CM Punk confrontation. I immediately started texting my friend Erik, asking him to please tell me why my favorite wrestler (person) in the world was bleeding.

Once I calmed down, I was happy to see that I hadn’t missed the match between Dolph Ziggler and Big E Langston that had been scheduled. Even though Dolph lost after Kaitlyn and AJ Lee distracted him (they came brawling through the ring, giving Big E the opening to set up his Big Ending finisher), I realized how happy I was just to have 3 of the 4 wrestlers onscreen.

This, ladies and gentlemen, is my love letter to Dolph Ziggler, the man who should be king of the WWE right now. And I’ll include Big E and AJ by extension.

Dolph Ziggler should be the WWE Champion.

Not the World Heavyweight Champ, not the Intercontinental, not a Tag Team champ. The WWE Champion.

I’ve attempted to chronicle my love for all things Z…

Rehearsal Dinner Slideshow

I created this slideshow at the suggestion of Anthony. Of course, I needed one more thing piled on my plate the week of our wedding, but Angel wanted it, so Angel got it. Make sure you have your tissues ready folks.

Nocturne Travel Agency Podcast - Episode #2: Bobby Nash

Bobby Nash sits down with Tom for a rousing discussion of...well, all things Bobby Nash. Bobby explains how he got into writing and the process he went through to get Evil Ways published. He blames Sean Taylor for the creation of Rick Ruby and The Ruby Files and Bobby and Tom talk at length about the Domino Lady and Honey West! 50 minutes of pure writer-y goodness, don't delay, press play!