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Promos By Hyphen: Payback Schmayback

So you’ve watched Payback and Raw and you’re ready to read more about the latest in the WWE? Of course, you look to Promos By Hyphen for all the information you need.

I took to Twitter and asked if anyone had any questions they wanted me to answer in the next article. I got a few responses and so I decided to run with the first ever all Q and A edition! And away we…

Why should I care about Ryback anymore? – @LordKokosinski
After his pummeling at the hands of our boy John Cena at Payback, you shouldn’t. It doesn’t look like WWE cares anymore. After a 2 month long buildup from Ryback the face monster to Ryback the heel Ruler, his complete lack of TV time on Raw doesn’t bode well. Sure, he could pop up on SmackDown this week but with his Cena feud effectively over, I expect him to be used like Mark Henry was a few years back before his heel turn. Remember when the Raw GM/Vickie/Guest Host wanted to challenge someone who came to the ring talking about their alleged greatness? They’d sic Mark…