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Moves Like Curtis: The Podcast - Episode #4: Russell Wilson Is A Bleeping Robot (Guest: Paul Hermann)

In the latest installment, our hero Tom takes us to Seattle to meet up with Seahawks Synod leader Paul Hermann! The long suffering Seahawks emerged as a surprise contender in the NFC last season; Paul explains why they have the tools to stay in the race for a Super Bowl crown! Also: Paul breaks down the Seattle 12th Man, how tough the comeback loss to Atlanta in the playoffs was, and how Russell Wilson is a f------ robot! The NBA already screwed Seattle over again, don't disappoint Paul and Tom by not pressing play!

The Promos By Hyphen 2013 WWE Year End Awards

I’ve wanted to do some type of awards article for the longest time now. Then that turned into doing an awards podcast, but Thomas and I never brought that to fruition (my fault, I was too busy making music). Then the idea got away from me until I realized what just passed: WrestleMania NY/NJ (XXIX!).

In the world of WWE, WrestleMania is the championship game. So, assuming that the season starts with the Raw after WrestleMania last year (when Brock Lesnar F-5-ed Cena) and continued up to the final scene of NY/NJ this year (Cena celebrating while giving The Rock his unjust due. I hated that match. Hated it.), there are a slew of things that happened in between.

So without further ado, I give you the Promos By Hyphen 2013 WWE Year End Awards.

Best Championship: WWE Championship

This one was a no-brainer. Not only did my favorite wrestler in the company hold it most of the season (CM Punk) but there really wasn’t much competition. Sheamus held the World Title (for too long) until October when…

Moves Like Curtis: The Podcast - Episode #3: The Secret Life Of Jerry Jones (Guest: Zach Joiner)

As the synod train rolls into episode 3, Zach "Spideydude" Joiner links up with our hero Tom for an hour discussion about America's Team, the Dallas Cowboys! Zach takes the reigns of GM as he explains what went wrong for the 'Boys in 2012 and how they need to fix it. Also, don't miss: The Defense of Tony Romo! The Slight Jabs That Aren't Truly Jabs At Jerry Jones! And The Phenomenon Of Singles Awareness Day! Coming at you quicker than Dez Bryant can run a route, press play for your ticket to Dallas!

Trike Adventures - #05: The Road To Hell Is Paved With Good Intentions (Guest: Chris "CFX" Flynn)

The Trike rides again as Thomas, Anthony, and I are joined by Chris "CFX" Flynn for more conversation about nothing. Within this show: "Accidental Racist" by Brad Paisley and LL Cool J is discussed, Thomas takes issue with how young girls dress these days, Anthony doesn't like that Tom Cruise gets top billing even though he's getting paid top billing money, they take the Biebs to task for his Anne Frank comments, I wonder if humping on the dance floor is the cool thing to do now, the Padres/Dodgers brawl is touched upon, Anthony shares tales of his trip to New Jersey for WrestleMania NY/NJ, my impending nuptials are announced, Thomas wants to join the PGA Tour and be average, and run-ins with the law are mentioned here and there. Anthony comes out of his shell and you don't want to miss that, so press play...please and thank you.

Nocturne Travel Agency Podcast - Episode #1: Richard Lee Byers

In the debut episode, Thomas sits down with Richard Lee Byers to talk about his newest book The Impostor #2: The Blood Machine! Go inside the creative process of Byers as he tells the story of Matt Brown, a normal man trapped in a world of superpowered heroes and villains, of mutants, sentient robots, and monsters! Also: Richard describes how he plans out his stories, goes into a bit of his Forgotten Realms contributions and gives out just a tiny bit of info into the future of The Impostor series. And while you are just an ordinary man (or lady) like Matt, don't let that stop you from pressing play!