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Moves Like Curtis: The Podcast - Episode #2: ...2013 Coaching Changes (Guests: Zach Joiner and Kelen "B Hyphen" Conley)

In this episode, Zach Joiner and Kelen "B Hyphen" Conley join Tom for a lively discussion about the hirings and firings of the early 2013 offseason...when they're not distracted by other riveting topics! Such as: Blaine Gabbert's McDonald's skills, Manti T'eo, Why Jerry Jones became the Cowboys owner, the San Diego Super Chargers theme song, Rex Grossman's Super Bowl appearance, and much, much more!

Promos By Hyphen: The Blankety Blank You Love To Hate

Some people take this wrestling stuff too far.

“I hate CM Punk. CM Punk is a punk.”

“CM Punk is a jerk. I can’t believe he brought up Lawler’s heart attack/Paul Bearer’s death.”

“Triple H screws over X-Pac every chance he gets.”

It’s called heat. Heel wrestlers want the crowds to hate them. Do you think its ideal for CM Punk chants to outweigh “Rocky” chants when the WWE Title is on the line? I don’t think so. They want you to hate them. And some wrestlers are so good at it, you can’t help but still cheer for them.

One of my friends gives me shit about CM Punk every chance he gets. “Punk is gonna lose to the Undertaker. Punk is gonna get his ass whooped tonight. CM Punk isn’t very good at all.” Every time, I look at him and say, “It’s scripted. Would I want CM Punk to win all the time? Sure. But then I’d be complaining about how predictable the storylines are.” And still, he keeps right on talking about how much he doesn’t like him.

I think CM Punk peed in his Cheerios or something. This is…